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Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of a Woman in Bloomers
Lot # 11 - Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of a Woman in Bloomers
Sixth plate daguerreotype of wearing bloomers.  Housed in a pressed paper case.

The Bloomer costume consisted of a loose-fitting dress or coat reaching below the knees and a garment similar to Turkish trousers, gathered at the ankles into walking boots or fitted above house slippers. This practical outfit was designed by Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Gerrit Smith and cousin of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Both women wore the costume as did Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Angelina Grimke Weld, and others. The majority of Americans and the press considered the reform dress "a badge of radicalism, and its wearers were suspected of ‘free love' notions and of a desire to be rid of all feminine graces and restrictions." One after another the feminist leaders "went back to the long skirts, because, as Lucy Stone said, it was ‘so much bother to be different.' Susan B. Anthony dryly remarked that she found it impossible to obtain a man's attention to her talk when he was completely occupied gazing at her ankles."
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Pair of Porcelain Jardinieres
Lot # 66 - Pair of Porcelain Jardinieres
Chinese, third quarter of century. Two porcelain rectangular jardinieres decorated with floral and bird motifs. Red four-character mark to underside of each; ht. 5.75 in.; lg. 9 in. (each).
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Lot of Bisque Dolls
Lot # 207 - Lot of Bisque Dolls
An assorted group of five bisque head dolls including (left to right), one Heubach Köppelsdorf flapper doll, no. 253, with brown sleep eyes, appears original clothing, painted socks and shoes, paper tag affixed to dress reading TINY TOT / REG.US PAT. OFF. / GERMANY, marked Heubach-Köppelsdorf / 250 16/0 / Germany, one baby doll, all bisque with painted features, molded and painted hair, marked MADE IN / JAPAN / 96, one Judy Ann all-bisque doll, part of the Around the World Series representing China with original clothing and painted black shoes, marked JUDY / ANN / USA, 1930s, one Armand Marseille doll with blue sleep eyes and painted features, painted socks and single-strap shoes, marked Germany / 300 /A/3/0 M, and one German all bisque doll with painted features, open mouth with upper teeth, painted shoes and socks, marked GERMANY; flapper ht. 9.5 in.
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Mockba, Russia Watercolor by Plachtey
Lot # 244 - Mockba, Russia Watercolor by Plachtey
Russian, 1931. A watercolor of Mockba, Russia, signed Plachtey, identified and dated l.l.; 16.5 x 12 in. (sight).
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Four Figural Porcelain Snuff Bottles
Lot # 289 - Four Figural Porcelain Snuff Bottles
Chinese, 20th century. Four porcelain snuff in the form of figures, the stoppers standing for hats. Ht. 3.25 in. (tallest bottle).
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<i>Year of the Zodiac</i> by Qin Dahu
Lot # 451 - Year of the Zodiac by Qin Dahu
Qin Dahu (Chinese, b. 1938). Oil on canvas, housed in a black and gilt frame. A portrait of a child in traditional garb surrounded by gilt Zodiac signs on a red ground, emblematic of the Chinese New Realism movement, which emerged after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. Signed and dated 1988, l.r.; 34.25 x 56.75 in. (sight).
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Quarter Plate Daguerreotype of Three Siblings by Charles Williamson
Lot # 42 - Quarter Plate Daguerreotype of Three Siblings by Charles Williamson
Quarter plate daguerreotype housed in a paper case under the stamped mat of C.H. Williamson / Brooklyn, NY.  A nicely hand-tinted image showing a girl posed with her two younger siblings.
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Pair of Jadeite Pigs
Lot # 189 - Pair of Jadeite Pigs
Chinese. Two carved white and green jadeite pigs. Lg. 1.5 in. (longer piece).
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James Otto Lewis (American, 1799-1858) Hand Colored Lithograph on Paper
Lot # 253 - James Otto Lewis (American, 1799-1858) Hand Colored Lithograph on Paper
Chippeway Squaws
titled in margin and published by Lehman and Duval
(image size) 9 x 10 in.; (full sheet size) 19 x 12 in.
first quarter of 19th century

Although generally less well known than McKenney and Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America, James Otto Lewis' Aboriginal Portfolio was the first collection of American Indian portraits to be published. The first 72 plates were all based on portraits painted from life by Lewis (1799-1858). Years earlier, Lewis made a name for himself as a portraitist by painting (and later printing) the only known portrait of Daniel Boone. In the early 1820s, Lewis moved to Detroit and set up a portrait studio. There he painted a portrait of Tenskatawa (The Prophet), which was well received by Thomas McKenney, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Lewis then became a regular member of treaty delegations in the upper Midwest, his role being to execute portraits of the various Indian dignitaries that attended.

In all, Lewis painted 50-60 of the most prominent Indian leaders, many of which were sent to Thomas McKenney for his planned publication of his History (27 of Lewis' works would eventually appear in those volumes). It is not known if Lewis was trying to outdo McKenney and Hall or was merely inspired by them, but he managed to get his Portfolio printed first. Lehman and Duval published ten monthly parts, starting in May 1835. The first 9 parts were published in good order, but the 10th only saw a very limited printing because of financial problems. So rare is this 10th part, for years many historians and bibliographers thought that only the first 9 parts were printed.

While many consider Lewis' work less refined than the romanticized McKenney and Hall plates, the Aboriginal Portfolio is highly important as it was the first in of this genre of artistic and ethnographic publications. Some scholars even argue that the awkwardness of Lewis' depictions is that his principle focus was accuracy of details. Regardless, complete sets (even those lacking the very scarce 10th part) rarely appear on the market.
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[Stereoviews - Arizona] Scarce View by C.O. Farciot
Lot # 194 - [Stereoviews - Arizona] Scarce View by C.O. Farciot
Imprinted on verso, Arizona Views, by Charles O. Farciot. A large group of men, women, and children gather outside an adobe structure. Orange mount with rounded corners.
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Western Apache Polychrome Olla
Lot # 93 - Western Apache Polychrome Olla
tear-drop form and designed with red and black conjoining diamonds; various geometric forms fill negative space, height 15 in. x diameter 13.25 in.
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