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Lot 16
Large Group of Ambrotypes of Children in Military Uniforms, Including Zoauves

Lot of 9, including two quarter plate ambrotypes, six sixth plate ambrotypes, and one ninth plate ambrotype.  Two sixth plates (the one of a boy standing with his hand on a chair and the one of the boy sitting in a chair) and the ninth plate are ruby ambrotypes.  All housed in pressed-paper cases except one of the ruby ambrotypes, which is only matted under glass.

Lot 22
Sixth Plate Tintype of Child in Civil War Zouave Uniform

Unidentified, with cryptic penciled notes behind image including dates from 1859 to 1860, and a mention of the Burnet House, which was the grandest hotel in Cincinnati at the time.  Photographed on the eve of the Civil War is this little boy dressed as a Zouave armed with a wooden toy gun. Elmer Ellsworth's summer tour of 1860 with the Chicago Zouave Cadets captivated the nation and gave rise to the Zouave craze that followed. Young ...

Lot 25
Tintypes of Children Dressed in Military Uniforms

Lot of 6, including four sixth plate tintypes, one quarter plate tintype, and one CDV-sized tintype of young boys dressed in military uniforms.  Of special note is a sixth plate of a boy in a Zouave-style uniform posed with what appears to be a toy dog.  The quarter plate is housed in a pressed-paper wall frame, the CDV-sized image in a small gilt wood frame, and the sixth plates are all housed in pressed-paper half cases.

Lot 53
Confederate General Jubal Early CDV

CDV of Jubal Early after lithograph or engraving, clipped on the bottom edges and no back stamp.

Lot 54
Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard CDV

Early CDV after lithograph or engraving of CSA General P.G.T. Beauregard in Confederate uniform, with Theo. Lilienthal's, New Orleans backmark.

Lot 55
Confederate General Leonidas Polk CDV

CDV of Polk with E.& H.T. Anthony backmark.

Lot 100
CDV of James Cornell Biddle

Postwar copy carte of James Cornell Biddle, uncredited.  Biddle enlisted April 25, 1861, and mustered in Co. A, 17th Pennsylvania Infantry, as a private.  After completing his three months and spending another three months as a civilian, he was commissioned a first lieutenant in Co. C, 27th Pennsylvania, in November 1861.  Biddle was promoted to captain on the first anniversary of his service in the 27th, and discharged for promoti...

Lot 103
CDV of Irish Brigade BBG Charles Graham Halpine, AKA Miles O'Reilly

CDV by C.D. Fredricks, New York.  Charles Graham Halpine (1829-1868) was born in County Meath, Ireland, and emigrated to the United States in 1851 to work as a correspondent and assistant editor for the Boston Post, New York Herald, New York Leader, and New York Times.  Following the outbreak of the Civil War he was commissioned a second lieutenant in Co. D, 69th New York Infantry, with which he served until being promoted to Major &am...

Lot 137
Photographs of Union Army Generals-in-Chief McClellan and Grant

Lot of 2, including a three-quarter-length albumen portrait of Ulysses S. Grant as lieutenant general, ca April-May 1865, wearing a black band around his left arm in mourning for President Lincoln, and a full-length silver gelatin enlargement of George B. McClellan as major general.  9 x 15 in. and 10.5 x 16 in., respectively.

Lot 138
Civil War Albumen Photographs of Gens. Sheridan and Patrick with Their Staffs

Lot 2 albumen photographs on matching 10 x 12 in. mounts.  The first shows Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan posed in front of his tent with five brigadier generals.   From left to right: Brig. Gen. Wesley Merritt, Brig Gen. David McMurtrie Gregg, Sheridan, Brig. Gen. Henry E. Davies, Brig. Gen. James H. Wilson, and Brig. Gen. Alfred Torbert.  Second shows Gen. George Meade seated at center, with Gens. Marsena R. Patrick, Andrew A. Humphre...

Lot 145
Civil War Albumen Photographs of Union Officers

Lot of 3, including:7.75 x 10 in. mounted albumen vignette portrait of Major Placidus Ord (1821-1876).  Ord served as major and assistant adjutant general on Gen. Sherman's staff for nearly the entire Civil War.  He was awarded brevets to lieutenant colonel and colonel during the war, and in 1867 was awarded three brevets up to the major in the regular army for his actions at Vicksburg, Petersburg, and Chapin's Farm.  He served unt...

Lot 146
Large Format Oval Albumen Photographs of Civil War Officers, Some Identified

Lot of 5, including:Half-length portrait of a bespectacled officer wearing captain's shoulder straps. 9 x 11.5 in. albumen print on a larger oval mount with pencil identification on verso late Maj. Edm'd Underwood.  Edmund Underwood (1826-1863) served in the Mexican War and afterward was given a commission in the 4th US Infantry, with whom he served in Oregon and California during the 1850s. At the outbreak of the Civil War he was made ...

Lot 160
Civil War Albumen Photograph of the Military Band at Fortress Monroe

6.75 x 8.75 in. albumen photographs housed in a hand-cut album sleeve inked Band / Fortress Monroe.

Lot 161
Three Albumen Photographs of a Civil War Camp

Lot of 3 albumen photographs showing the same Civil War camp.  All are on matching 8 x 10 in. mounts, one of which is penciled in the lower margin Father's Civil War camp.

Lot 167
Five Framed Portraits of Civil War Soldiers

Lot of 5, including:Oval albumen of a bearded naval officer; housed in a 12.25 x 14.25 in. wood and gesso frame.  Condition: Print very good; mat with a stain along the lower left edge.Oval albumen of an unidentified officer posed with his sword and 8th Regiment hat; housed in a 12.25 x 14.25 in. wood and gesso frame.  Condition: Soiling of print and mount, and a crease through the print diagonally through the officer's right knee.Oval...

Lot 169
Miscellaneous Civil War Albumen Photographs by Brady and Gardner

Lot of 4 albumen photographs including:View by Brady of the 22nd Regt. N.Y.S.N.G. at Harper's Ferry, VA, on a Brady's Incidents of the War mount with penciled identification of eight soldiers; 8.25 x 9.25 in overall.Alexander Gardner albumen photograph of The Pulpit, Fort Fisher, N.C., January 1865, from a negative by Timothy H. O'Sullivan, included as Plate 79 in Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War; 9.5 x 11.5 in., framed to 12.25 x ...

Lot 171
Civil War Albumen Photograph of the 126th New York at Their Final Encampment, June 1865

Oval albumen photograph on a mount with the imprinted title Camp of the 126th N.Y.S. Volunteers / At their last Encampment near Bailey's Cross Roads, Va., June, 1865, and identification of the soldiers.  The 126th NY famously repelled Picket's charge at Gettysburg. Print 4.25 x 6.5 in. oval on a larger mount, framed to 12.25 x 14.5 in.

Lot 174
Miscellaneous Group of Civil War Albumen Photographs

Lot of 6.  13 x 16 in. albumen with 16 men on the deck of a fort, cannons on wall above. In lower margin under the mat is penciled "Fort Adams Newport RI 1864." 6.5 x 9 in. unmounted albumen. Slip taped to plastic sleeve indicates: "Company I, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Rush's Lancer) 1862 By Gardner....A.R. Waud, battlefield artist for Harper's Weekly Newspaper, seated front left. Photographer's wagons in the rear."5.75 x 8&nb...

Lot 182
General Orlando B. Willcox, Medal of Honor Winner, Oil Portrait

Post-war oil painting on canvas of General Orlando B. Willcox in uniform, unsigned, 21.5 x 25.25 in., framed, 27.5 x 31.25 in. Born in Detroit, Orlando Bolivar Willcox (1823-1907) was a celebrated career United States Army officer who graduated West Point in 1847 and dedicated nearly 40 years' service to his country before retiring as a regular Brig. General in 1887. Willcox served initially in the 4th A...

Lot 185
Union Major, Daniel McCook, Document Signed, Plus Commemorative Topographic Map of the Engagement at Buffington Island

Snider, David, Capt. Army of the Ohio. Topographic map of the Engagement at Buffington Island, Portland, Meigs County, Ohio, July 19th, 1863. Water indicated in blue, woodlands in green, elevation by rust-colored hachures. Map 16.5 x 22 in. (sight). Lower edge indicates "Proceeds from the sale of this map shall be used exclusively for the preservation of the Buffington Island Battlefield." Mat covers any dates that may be along the margin. Upper ...

Lot 189
CSA General Pierre G.T. Beauregard Clipped Signature

Signature on approx. 2 x 3.25 in. slip. Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard (1818-1893) was a Louisiana native. He seldom used his first name, mostly signing as "G.T. Beauregard," as seen here. He graduated from USMA in 1838, second in his class of 45. He trained as an engineer, and served in that capacity in the Mexican War. He was briefly superintendent at West Point in 1861 until his homeland seceded, whereupon he resigned his US Army commission...

Lot 190
Confederate Manuscript Special Orders 255 Signed by John Otey, AADG Gen. Beauregard

Hand written letter, 1pg. Quarto, measuring 8 X 10.25 in. Head Quarters Department of South Carolina and Georgia Charleston, S.C. December 17, 1862 So much of the 2 part VIII S. C 252 C S from these Hd. Qtrs. As related to the GA troops is revoked and they will remain Brigadierd as ordered by Brig Gen. Mercer. Part VIII S C 252 C S from these Hd. Qtrs. Is revoked and a battery will be attached to each Brigade. Part 1 SC No. 252 from th...

Lot 191
A.P. Aldrich ALS, July 4, 1863, Referencing Slave Labor Under CSA Gen. Beauregard

Hand Written letter, 1pg. Quarto, measuring 7.75 x 9.75 in. Barnwell CH 4 July, 1863 My Dear Truffle I have been called on to know how to make out a claim against the Government for Slaves lost while engaged in work in the fortifications around Charleston – Will you be good enough to write me what is required & if you laid down any rules, please send me a copy. Yours truly A.P. Aldrich War-dated one page request for a manager ...

Lot 192
A.P. Aldrich ALS, July 28, 1863, Referencing Slave Labor Under Gen. Beauregard

Hand Written letter, 1pg. 8vo, measuring 6.125 x 7.75 in. Executive Dispatch Charleston 28 July, 1863 My Dear Sir His Excellency Governor Bonham has been informed that experienced managers of Negros are much wanted to superintend and push on the work on the fortifications now being erected for the defense of the city. Reviewing your efficiency, experience and relying on your patriotism, he requests you to aid the State in this emergency. Y...

Lot 194
Confederate Captain Andrew T. Harllee ALS, March 15, 1861

Hand Written letter on Head Quarters, Quatermaster’s Department letterhead, 1pg. Quarto, measuring 7.5 x 9.25 in. Charleston, March 15, 1861 Capt. J. D. Jones There are 108, shell straps at the store house, and will be shipped to you by the morning boat. By Order Col. L M Hatch.QMG, SCM Andrew Harllee, Asst. This is a very nice short note written by Col Hatch’s aid. Shows the pr...

Lot 198
Confederate Telegraph, May 21, 1861, From General Anderson to General Pillow

On South-Western Telegraph Company form: How many regiments will probably be formed in the district We will have twelve or more in Middle Tennessee. From S.R. Anderson to Gideon Pillow.Gideon J. Pillow (1806-1878) graduated from the University of Nashville in 1827 and began practicing law in Columbia. He accepted a commission as Brig. Gen. when the Mexican War erupted. After that conflict, he returned to this law practice, but returned to militar...

Lot 199
Confederate Telegraph, April 2, 1863, to Brig. General Ruggles, Noting No Infantry to Spare

On South-Western Telegraph Company form, 5.5 x 6 in. S.B. Buckner to Daniel Ruggles. Sorry I have no Infantry to spare. The regt of Cavalry will be hurried on. Daniel Ruggles (1810-1897) was an 1833 graduate of USMA. He served in the Northwest, then Florida, Texas, in the Mexican War, then he took a leave of absence. When war broke out in 1861, he resigned his US Army post and was commissioned Brig. Gen. of VA Vols. He saw primarily field service...

Lot 205
Rules and Regulations of the 12th Maine Band, Signed Manuscript

7.75 x 28.5 in. manuscript document titled Rules and Regulations for the Government of the 12th Maine Band, signed by 12 members of the band and approved by Col. Edwin Illsley. Manuscript with large initial letters, some with added "curlicues," etc. The page is nearly calligraphically written.The rules are no where near as "fancy." They include what kind of leadership the band will have and the duties of the first and second leaders, ...

Lot 208
Scrapbook with Imprints from Civil War Patriotic Covers and More

Small 4to scrapbook with 3/4 leather over cloth boards. Patriotic imprints with "UNION" and a blue star with stars and "Union" and George Washington holding a flag on first page. There is also an envelope containing an engraved calling card of [Bvt.] Maj. Gen. H[enry]. Thomas (with this rank lower right). Second page has a Lincoln-Hamlin sample ballot, 1860, from Ohio. The Hamilton County elector is listed as Frederick Hassaurek. Born in Vienna, ...

Lot 218
Post-Civil War Pay Voucher for Maj. T.W. Sweeny, 16th Infantry Regt., Referencing Two Negro Servants

United States pay voucher Form 3, to Major T.W. Sweeney(sic), 16th US Infantry, dated Dec. 1, 1868, at Atlanta, GA, for $208.42 for wages, clothing, and subsistence, including two negro servants named Richmond and Willis. 11 x 16.75 in. unfolded.Thomas William Sweeny (1820-1892) was an Irish-born soldier who fought with the 2nd New York Volunteers in the Mexican War, resulting in the loss of his right arm.  He remained in the military throug...

Lot 241
Photographs of Union and Confederate Officers in the Civil War in America, From the Collection of Gen. Meade

Photographs of Union and Confederate Officers in the Civil War in America; Collection of Bvt. Lt. Col. George Meade U.S.A. Edited by Blake A. Magner, foreword by Edwin C. Bearss.  Philadelphia: The Civil War Library and Museum, 1996.  Blue cloth boards, 17.25 x 18.375 in., 78pp.

Lot 243
Autobiography of Henry Walbridge Dudley, Inscribed by Author

George Banta Publishing Company, Menasha, Wisconsin, 1914. Inscribed by author on ffep: Henry Stuart Dudley, with love from his Father, The Author. May 30th 1914. A Fair book, with loose binding between Dedication and Preface, wear to corners and spine ends, and owner's bookplate (H. S. Dudley) inside front cover. Civil War Signed.

Lot 249
CSA $100 Bill

CSA One Hundred Dollar bill ($100.00) issued from The Confederate States of America, Richmond, Virginia. Dated April 6th, 1863 and serial number 26646, serial letter D. This bill has Lucy Pickens in the center. There is a cameo of George W. Randolph on the right and a minuteman standing on the left. This 1st. series note is printed on CSA water marked paper. There is an October 1863 stamp on the bill. This is a nice Uncirculated note.

Lot 250
CSA $100 Bill

CSA One Hundred Dollar Bill ($100.00) issued from The Confederate States of America, Richmond, Virginia. Dated September 2nd, 1861 and serial no. 39057, serial letter A8. Beautiful early printed bill depicting slaves loading cotton in the center and a sailor at the left bottom. A few penciled notations are hand written on the back. CR-57 T-13. This note is Crisp Uncirculated but has a couple of spots on the back from an earlier mounting.

Lot 252
CSA $100 Bill

CSA One Hundred Dollar bill ($100.00) issued from The Confederate States of America, Richmond, Virginia. Dated June 20th, 1862 and serial number 10880, serial letter A. One of the most sought after bills. It has a Railway train producing straight steam in the center. There is a milkmaid on the left. CR-290 T-39. This is a nice uncirculated note.

Lot 256
CSA $1 Bill

CSA One Dollar Bill ($1.00) issued from The Confederate States of America, Richmond, Virginia. Dated Feb. 17th. 1864 with serial number 73550 and serial letter A. Nice bill with a black red orange overprint. Clement C. Clay is at the center. On the back of this genuine T71, the poem "Representing Nothing on God's Earth Now" is hand written. This is famous Confederate poem written shortly after the war, and was commonly hand written on the back o...

Lot 257
President Lincoln at Battlefield of Antietam, Photograph by Alexander Gardner, Descended in the Family of Gen. Fitz John Porter

Fine albumen photograph, 7 x 9 in., on 13 x 14 in. cream-colored mount featuring the printed title, The President, General McClellan and Suite/ On the Battle-field of Antietam. / October 3, 1862. Credited to Alexander Gardner, photographer, and Mathew Brady, publisher. Dated 1862. With General Fitz-John Porter's Head Quarters. 5th Army Corps penciled below printed title, and ten of the officers identif...

Lot 278
Quarter Plate Daguerreotype of Aged, Stern-Looking Couple, Plus Additional Cased Images of Couples

Lot includes a quarter plate daguerreotype of a middle-aged couple, he holds glasses and a pen, she holds a book (?). Plus a sixth plate tintype of an older couple. Both of these in half cases. A full geometric case holds a tintype of a young couple with tinted cheeks, she has her arm linked in his. Plus a double Union case with two tintypes of a younger couple. Case is "Agrarian Motif" [Krainik 124; Krainik also lists this as available in h...

Lot 281
Montgomery P. Simons, Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of a Handsome Gentleman

Sixth plate daguerreotype portrait of a young, attractive gentleman, housed in half case stamped M.P. Simons Phila. Montgomery P. Simons was a photographer and maker of daguerreotype cases in Philadelphia from at least 1842 to 1857, though in 1849 he operated in Charleston, South Carolina, and made over 4,000 images.

Lot 287
Ambrotype & Tintype Portraits of Children, Including Charming Whole Plate Tintype of Baby

Lot of 8 images of children, including a sixth plate tintype housed in a pressed-paper case; a sixth plate ambrotype in a half case (image is very dark and spotted); two ninth plate ambrotype of two boys who appear to be brothers posed with hats, housed in the same leather case; a ninth plate ambrotype of two boys, in a half case; a ninth plate ambrotype of a toddler seated in a chair, housed in a half case; a ninth plate tintype of a girl with g...

Lot 7
*Eskimo Bentwood Tobacco Container

bentwood frame coated with a red wash; walrus ivory strip with brass pins secure joint; lid decorated with a walrus ivory carved finial, length 5.25 in. x width 2.5 in.ca 1900

Lot 10
Chugach Eskimo Polychrome Carved Wooden Figure

elongated figure with delicately carved face; face painted with a beard and red banded eyes, height 5.75 in.late 19th century

Lot 14
Yupik Eskimo Polychrome Masks

pair, each painted with distinctive tattooing; interior of eyes, nose, and mouth painted red, length 8.5 x width 5.5 in.first quarter 20th century

Lot 32
Nuu-chah-nulth Shaman Wood Figures

lot of 2, both carved of cedar and each wearing a wolf headdress, one figure depicts a shaman holding twins; other shaman holds an eagle, heights 10.5 in.early 20th century

Lot 35
Kwakwaka'wakw Figural Canoe Mast Collar

whimsically carved figure with remnants of blue, red, and black pigment; figure would be situated "upside-down", with mouth open, to receive mast (Holm 1983:93), length 9.25 in. x width 7.75 in. 19th century See The Box of Daylight - Northwest Coast Indian Art (Holm 1983: 93).

Lot 51
Tony Hunt (Kwakwaka'wakw, b. 1942) Kwagulth[sic] Raven Paddle

carved of cedar and painted on one side in red and black with a raven; opposite painted solid black; titled, signed, and dated in pencil on reverse, length 48 in.1987 Hunt is renown for his carvings of totem poles.

Lot 52
Tony Hunt Jr. (Kwakwaka'wakw, b. 1962) Kwagilth[sic] Mouse Mask

carved of cedar and painted in in light blue, red, and black; titled, signed, and dated in pencil on inside, length 18.5 in. x width 13.25 in.1985

Lot 67
Washo Basket

finely woven with a bat design encircling body, height 5.5 in. x diameter 11.5 in. first quarter 20th century

Lot 70
Plateau Corn Husk Bag From the US Children's Museum on the 19th Century

colorful dyed corn husks and yarn create bold geometric designs on both sides; opening finished with green wool; hide strap coated in orange pigment, length 23 in. x width 16.75 in. ca 1900

Lot 77
Plateau Parfleche Envelope

of large size; elongated triangular elements are painted in red and yellow with blue outlining; interior edge further embellished with triangular devices in red, blue, yellow, and green, length 33 in. x width 16.25 in. fourth quarter 19th century

Auctions 1-50 of 71