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Lot 4
A Kangxi Period Blue and White Bowl and Cover

Chinese, Kangxi period.  An underglaze blue decorated bowl, figured handles, with matching cover with finial.  Unmarked, but with early label to underside; ht. 6 in.

Lot 5
Small Blue and White Ming Dynasty Jar

Chinese, Ming Dynasty.  An underglaze blue jar, four-character mark to underside; ht. 4.5 in.

Lot 6
An 18th Century Blue and White Prunus Vase

Chinese, 18th century.  An underglaze decorated Prunus vase, double ring mark to underside, having later carved and fitted rosewood lid; ht. 13.5 in. (w/lid)

Lot 8
A Chinese Blue and White Floral Cup with Stand

17th century.  A small blue and white underglaze cup on stand, Marchant label intact on underside; ht. 3.5 in.

Lot 9
An 18th Century Blue and White Cup on Stand

Chinese, 18th century.  A fine underglaze blue decorated cup, stipple brush work, and with blue interior rim, all on fitted stand; ht. 2.75 in. (w/o stand)

Lot 10
A Fine Pair of Blue and White Lotus Bowls, Guangxu Mark and Period

Chinese, 19th century.  A finely potted and painted pair of blue and white lotus bowls, housed in fitted box, each with six-character mark to underside; diameter of each 5.5 in. For a nearly identical pair, see: Sotheby's sale of Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art, Hong Kong, May 27, 2014.

Lot 11
Kangxi Period Huqqa Base, 17th Century

17th century.  A blue and white huqqa base for the Middle Eastern market, leaf mark to underside; ht. 4.75 in. For a similar example, see: Sotheby's London, October 5, 2011, Lot 246.

Lot 12
Guangxu Period Blue and White Bowl

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Guangxu period. A footed bowl decorated with blue cloud motifs on the exterior and interior center. Guangxu mark to underside; dia. 5 in.; ht. 2.25 in.

Lot 14
Kangxi Period Flower Pot and Saucer

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period. A flower pot and corresponding saucer with scalloped edges, decorated with blue and white horse motifs. Kangxi marks to undersides of each; dia. 5.25 in.; ht. 5 in. (pot with saucer).

Lot 15
Small Kangxi Period Tea Cup

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period. A small footed tea cup with a scalloped edge and decorated with blue and white floral and leaf motifs. Four-character Kangxi mark to underside circled by two rings; dia. 2.75 in.; ht. 1.75 in.

Lot 19
Small Kangxi Period Scalloped Plate

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period. A small scalloped plate with blue and white floral decorations, resting on a custom carved wood stand. Kangxi mark to underside; dia. 4 in.

Lot 24
Two Chinese Blue and White Plates

Chinese, late 19th century. One footed Canton plate, and one plate with brown edge and blue and white phoenix motif in center panel. Dia. 10 in. (larger plate).

Lot 26
Chinese Blue and White Rice Bowls

Chinese. A set of five blue and white porcelain rice bowls with translucent rice grain pattern. Chinese character mark on bottoms; dia. 4.75 in.

Lot 27
Chinese Scholar's Brush Dish

Chinese, 20th century. A blue and white scholar's brush dish, with basin having a pair of leaf form cups for mixing. Daoguang mark in underglaze blue to underside; dia. 5.5 in.

Lot 28
Porcelain Ginger Jar, Vase, and Lidded Box with Shuangxi Symbol

Chinese, late 19th century. A globular lidded ginger jar, tapering towards base, a bulbous vase with flared rim, and a lidded round box, all decorated with blue Shuangxi symbols and scrolling vine designs on a white ground. Ht. 8.75 in. (tallest).

Lot 32
Group of Chinese Porcelain Incense Holders

Chinese, ate 19th century. Five porcelain rectangle incense holders, decorated with blue Foo dog and floral motifs on a white ground. 6 x 5 x 3 in. (largest).

Lot 35
A Chinese Kangxi Yellow Glazed Incised Lotus Plate

Chenghua Mark, Kangxi period.  A yellow ground large dish, having lotus scrollwork incised to interior and exterior, six-character Chenghua mark to underside along with double ring; diameter 9.25 in.

Lot 36
A Yellow Gorund Incised Dragon Bowl with Stand, Jiaqing Mark and Period

Chinese, Jiaqing mark and period.  A well potted circular bowl, incised with scrolling pair of dragons amidst clouds, finishing with a soft foot and clean rim, six-character blue underglaze archaic mark to underside, all on fitted stand; ht. 3.25 in. (w/stand)

Lot 39
A Teadust Triple Spout Double Gourd Vase

Chinese, Qianlong mark, 19th century.  A well potted triple-spouted vase, the form consisting of three conjoined vases with an overall olive green glaze.  Impressed Qianlong mark and former accession number to underside, but attributed 19th century; ht. 10.75 in.

Lot 42
Peach Bloom Glaze Vase

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period. A fine peach bloom glaze vase. Six-character Kangxi mark to underside; ht. 7.25 in.

Lot 44
A Very Rare Kangxi period Peachbloom Beehive Waterpot

Chinese, Kangxi mark period. A porcelain bee hive water pot in peach bloom "ashes of liver" glaze, having three central reserves each depicting archaic dragon designs, marked with a six-character blue underglazed Kangxi mark on bottom; ht. 3.75 in., dia. 5 in. For a similar example with a ground and repaired rim, see Cowan's sale of 7/27/12, Lot 62, from the Collection of Louis Cotlow, Ex. Cincinnati Museum Center.

Lot 48
Chinese Small Hare's Fur Galze Vase

Chinese, Ming dynasty. A small long neck vase covered in a hare's fur glaze, resting a custom carved wood stand. 2.75 in. (without stand).

Lot 49
Chinese Turquoise Long Neck Vase

Chinese, 19th century. A porcelain long neck vase covered in a turquoise glaze. Ht. 11.75 in.

Lot 50
Pair of Turquoise Long Neck Porcelain Vases with Gilt Mounts

Chinese, 19th century. Two footed long neck porcelain vases covered ina  turquoise glaze, mounted on gilt stands, and adorned with gilt plugs. Ht. 11.75 in. (each, with mounts).

Lot 55
A Very Rare 18th Century Chinese Famille Rose Vase

Chinese, 18th century. A heavily potted vase with a slight celadon tone to rim's interior and near foot. A highly unusual geometric pattern in diamonds of pink, yellow, black, green and blue. The foot is extremely well aged and tanned. Unmarked; ht. 14.5 in.

Lot 58
Rare and Large Chairman Mao Commissioned Vase

Chinese, ca 1960. An outstanding baluster vase with flared rim, cylindrical neck, and body tapering towards the base, decorated with a mountain and village landscape. Seal mark to underside; ht. 18.25 in.

Lot 68
Collection of Chinese Porcelain Tablewares

Chinese. A collection of 126 pieces of Chinese porcelain tablewares, all decorated in polychrome enamels on a turquoise ground with floral motifs and geometric bands. Lg. 13.5 in. (platter), dia. 10.75 in. (largest bowl).

Lot 72
Flambe Urn-Shaped Vase

Chinese, 20th century. A flambe vase with two handles to the side and a relief panel to front and reverse. Ht. 10.5 in.

Lot 78
Pair of Chinese Vases with Dogs Signed Wang Yijin

Chinese, 1950s. A pair of porcelain vases with unusual dog decoration. Each having four-character mark to underside; ht. 11 in. (each).

Lot 80
A Chinese Daoguang Iron Red Bat Box and Cover

Chinese, Daoguang period.  A circular porcelain box and cover, fully decorated with bats, six-character red Daoguang mark to underside, heavily potted and well worn to feet and cover interior; diameter 5.25 in.

Lot 81
Fine Pair of Iron Red Guangxu Period Bowls

Chinese, Guangxu period. Two thickly potted bowls, having rounded sides, foliate scrolling, bat and peach decoration. Six-character underglazed blue Guangxu mark; dia. 5 in. (each). For a remarkably similar example, albeit with archaic mark, see Sotheby's sale of March 19th, 2013. Lot 231.

Lot 82
A Chinese Famille Rose Figural Bowl, Jiaqing Mark and Period

Chinese, Jiaqing mark and period.  A figural decorated bowl, with four figures along with calligraphic narratives, turquoise ground to interior and underside, well potted and having red six-character archaic mark to underside; ht. 2.75 in.

Lot 83
A Famille Rose Ruby Ground Medallion Bowl, Republic Period

Chinese, Republic Period.  A fine incised ruby ground bowl, having four well painted landscape emblems, Qianlong mark to underside; diameter 5.25 in.

Lot 84
A Rare Yellow Ground Daoguang Bowl with Medallions

Daoguang mark and period.  A yellow ground bowl with four medallions in the body, each with finely detailed enamel landscapes, six-character red archaic mark to underside; diameter 6 in., ht. 2.75 in.

Lot 85
A Pair of Song Dynasty White Glazed Bowls

Song Dynasty.  A finely potted pair of small bowls, white glaze with brown to rim; each diameter 4 in.

Lot 86
A Small Doucai Lotus Bowl, Daoguang Mark and Period

Chinese, Daoguang mark and Period.  A finely potted and decorated small bowl, lotus design in blue and copper, six-character archaic mark to underside; ht. 1.5 in., diameter 3.5 in. For a similar example, see: Sotheby's, Hong Kong, May 27, 2014, Lot 771.

Lot 87
A Rare Guangxu Mark and Period Blue, White & Iron Red Bat Bowl

Chinese, Guangxu period.  An unusual bat bowl, overglaze enamel decoration throughout, with a tightly lobed rim, six-character red Guangxu mark to underside; ht. 2.5 in., diameter 6 in.

Lot 88
A Pair of Scholar's Bowls, Guangxu Mark and Period

Chinese, late 19th century.  A fine and thinly potted pair of enamel decorated bowls, each with six-character blue marks to underside; ht. of each 3 in.

Lot 89
A Famille Rose Brush Pot with Imperial Poem

Chinese, Republic Period.  A very finely painted brush pot with landscape, also having narrative inscribed to body in calligraphy.  Underside has iron ground with gilt imperial poem by Emperor Qianlong.  Ht. 5.25 in.

Lot 90
A Chinese Republic Period Brush Pot with Studio Mark

Republic Period, early 20th century.  A scenic decorated vase with blue and white borders, red studio mark to underside; ht. 5.5 in.

Lot 93
Pair of Chinese Porcelain Brush Pots

Chinese, early 20th century. Two small porcelain brush pots, decorated with hen and floral motifs, as well as Chinese characters. Stored in separate boxes. Mark on the bottom. Ht.of each: 4.5 in.; dia. of each: 3.25 in.

Lot 95
A 19th Century Wucai Figure & Dragon Bowl

Wanli mark, 19th century.  A well decorated bowl with enamel figure decoration, dragon to interior; diameter 5.5 in.

Lot 96
A Finely Enameled Famille Rose Bowl

Chinese, 19th century, with Qianlong mark.  A well executed enamel bowl, archaic border near foot and flower and lotus design; ht. 3.25 in.

Lot 97
A Fine and Rare Northern Song Ding Bowl

Chinese, Northern Song.  A light celadon ding bowl, incised to interior, well worn rim and foot, with early label to underside; diameter 6.75 in.

Lot 99
Hongxian Period Mille Fleurs Bowl

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Hongxian period, ca. 1915. A footed bowl decorated with a thousand-flower design to exterior and celadon blue glaze to interior. Four-character Hongxian mark to underside; dia. 6.75 in.; ht. 3.25 in.

Lot 100
Pair of Guangxu Period Mille-Fleurs Bowls

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Guangxu period. Two footed bowls decorated with a mille-fleurs pattern. Six-character Guangxu mark to underside of each; dia. 5.5 in.; ht. 2.75 in. (largest).

Lot 101
Chinese Bowl Decorated with Calligraphed Poem

Chinese, 18th century. A small footed bowl adorned with enamel decorations featuring a scholar and a soldier, as well as two panels containing calligraphy, resting on a custom craved wood stand. Archaic script four-character mark to underside; dia. 3 in.

Lot 103
Chinese Porcelain Lidded Bowl

Chinese, mid-twentieth century. A porcelain lidded bowl decorated with enamel floral and bird decorations, both on the bowl and on the lid, resting on a custom carved wood stand. Four-character Qianlong period mark, but modern; dia. 3 in.

Lot 104
Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Cup

Chinese, 18th century. A blanc-de-chine cup decorated with relief prunus blossoms and resting on a porcelain pedestal. The whole piece rests on a custom carved wooden stand. Ht. 2.5 in. (without stand).

Lot 110
Yongzheng Period Small Yellow Ground Vase

Chinese, Qing dynasty, Yongzheng period. A small vase with blue cloud and dragon decorations on a yellow ground resting on a custom carved wood stand. Six-character Yongzheng mark to underside; ht. 3 in.

Auctions 1-50 of 239