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Lot 2
Early Long Land Pattern Brown Bess Musket

.70 caliber, 46" round barrel with English proofs at the breech on the left side.  Early banana-shaped flint lock, 7" long.   Beveled hammer with rounded pan.  Brass buttplate, brass triggerguard, brass sideplate, brass escutcheon plate behind the tang. Brass ramrod ferules.  Walnut stock.

Lot 4
Dog-Lock Musket

.75 caliber, 48.125" barrel. Lockplate has some faint markings, possibly A. Wat. Iron mounted walnut stock.

Lot 5
New England Fowler

70 caliber, 49.5" octagonal-to-round barrel. No markings on the barrel. Early banana-shaped flat-style lockplate. Flat hammer with goose neck.  Faceted pan finial on the frizzen spring. Brass mounted with maple stock.

Lot 8
British Officer's Flintlock Fusil

.70 caliber, 42" round barrel with Birmingham proofs. Beveled hammer and lockplate, rounded pan, finial on frizzen spring. Brass mounted, earl beaver tail behind tang. Brass sideplate marked John Margill York.  High-comb walnut  stock. John Margill is unknown.

Lot 31
Model 1807 Indian Musket by Bridgewater

.69 caliber, 44.5" round barrel. Top of barrel marked with a "P," under "RP,"  the mark of Rufus Perkins. Dated 1814 near the breech. Lockplate is shaped and sized like the 1808 contract musket with rear tit and dated 1814 Bridgewater.  In front of the hammer is marked eagle with "US."  Flat-style lockplate with reinforced flat-style hammer.  Rounded pan, frizzen spring has a finial, frizzen is reinforced with extra ...

Lot 33
Pomeroy Indian Trade Musket

.69 caliber, 36.75" round barrel length. The only marking is on lockplate in front of hammer, Pomeroy.  Has walnut stock with brass buttplate, triggerguard, sidelock, fore end cap and three ramrod pipes. Has button-head steel ramrod. Lockplate, trigger, hammer, frizzen and barrel all have a brown finish. There is a bayonet lug at the end of the muzzle.

Lot 41
Second Model Virginia Flintlock Rifle

.45 caliber, 42" octagonal barrel marked near the breech "13." Notched rear sight with blade front sight. Lockplate marked Virginia Manufactory Richmond and dated 1809. Flat-style lockplate with beveled edge, Flat hammer, round pan fixed to the lockplate. Brass mounted with four-piece patchbox. Walnut stock with cheek piece and molding incised carved running parallel with the barrel and ramrod channel.

Lot 47
Full-Stock Flintlock Kentucky Rifle

.40 caliber, 42.5" octagonal barrel with no markings. Engraved lock, flat-style with beveled edges. Plain four-piece brass patchbox.  Brass triggerguard, sideplate, toeplate, nosecap and ferules.  Maple stock with Roman nose-style butt.

Lot 48
Full-Stock Flintlock Kentucky Rifle by S. Miller

.44 caliber, 40" octagonal barrel. Top of barrel signed S. Miller.  Engraved lockplate marked Joseph Golcher. Four-piece engraved brass patchbox. Brass buttplate, sideplate, triggerguard, nosecap and ramrod ferules. Curly maple stock with incised carving. S. Miller worked in Hamburg, PA, 1815-1840.

Lot 53
Virginia State Contract Rifle 1809-1815, Marked Va Regt

.36 caliber, 43.5" octagonal barrel, 5.25" flat lock with beveled edge. Gooseneck cock with flat surface. Engraved line borders the outside edges of the lock. Marked on the top flat of barrel Va 9 Regt, T over 9 Botetourt. Four-piece brass patchbox; brass buttplate, triggerguard, nosecap and ramrod ferules. Walnut stock.

Lot 54
Militia Flintlock Carbine by Wilkes

.69 caliber, 24.75" round barrel. Lockplate marked Wilkes; engraved with sporting-style hammer, roller on the frizzen spring.  Brass mounted with walnut stock.

Lot 67
Model 1835 Socket Bayonet with 1839 Pattern Scabbard

15.5" blade, 2.6" socket. Scabbard with brass fittings.

Lot 69
Reproduction Model 1849 Rifleman's Knife

Complete with scabbard and frog.

Lot 71
Model 1816 Musket with Butterfield Priming System

.69 caliber, 42" round barrel. Lock is marked on the front Butterfields Patent Dec 11, 1855 Philada.  Marked in the rear of lockplate Phila  1836.  A copper band over the top barrel about .5" from the breech.  Walnut stock with three barrel bands and a extra iron strap on the bottom just behind the rear barrel band.  What is interesting about this conversion is that it is a one of kind; the barrel was made so it would tip...

Lot 74
Model 1812 Musket with Butterfield Primer Alteration

.69 caliber,  42" round barrel.  Flat-style lockplate with Butterfield priming device, marked in the front Butterfield's Patent; dated 1816 in the rear of lockplate,  Dated 1816 on the top of buttplate. Three barrel bands. Model 1812 stock with cheek piece.

Lot 79
Model 1816 N. Starr Musket

.69 caliber, 42" barrel length smooth bore. Markings on lockplate in front of hammer "US" over 5-pointed star over N. STARR.  Behind hammer is marked MIDD over CONN over 1833 over engraving of a 8-pointed star. Marking of "TM" on top near upper tang.  Marking of "TM" in front of lower tang. Cartouche in script of "JM" inside of oval.  Iron parts are browned and lockplate is case colored. Walnut stock with button head ramrod. E...

Lot 83
Model 1819 Hall Flintlock Rifle

.52 caliber, 35" barrel length rifled bore. Markings on breech in four lines J.H. Hall over H. Ferry over "US" over "1826." Walnut stock with case colored breech. The hammer, trigger, triggerguard, frizzen, barrel and barrel bands are all steel.  Comes with steel button-head ramrod.

Lot 86
Model 1830 Springfield Cadet

.56 caliber, 36" barrel length. Markings on lockplate in front of hammer of eagle motif over "US" and at the rear end of lock plate in three lines Spring over Field over 1830.  On barrel at breech is marked with an image of an eagle head over "V" over "148." Stock is marked with an "R" behind trigger guard.  Walnut stock with brown finished buttplate, trigger guard, trigger, hammer, frizzen, barrel bands and barrel.  Lock is case c...

Lot 179
Sharps & Hankins Navy Carbine

.52 RF caliber, 24" leather-covered barrel, S/N 6953. Case colored frame marked Sharps & Hankins Phila. Walnut buttstock with brass buttplate.

Lot 198
Sharps & Hankins Cavalry Carbine

.52 RF caliber, 19" round barrel, S/N 6374. Marked on the left side of frame Sharp's and Hankins Philada. On the left side Sharps Patent. Walnut stock with brass buttplate.

Lot 247
Parker Snow Rifled Musket with Miller Alteration

.58 caliber, 40" round barrel. Wm M Miller Patent May 1865, Meridan Mfg Co Meridan Conn. Three-leaf rear barrel sight. Three barrel bands with walnut stock.

Lot 257
Triplett & Scott Repeating Carbine

.50 caliber, 22" round barrel, S/N 3168. Sling swivels on the top and bottom of the butt stock. Left side of frame marked Meridan Mfg Co Meridan Conn. Marked Kentucky on the frame. Walnut stock and forearm.

Lot 268
Model 1873 Trowel Bayonet

10" trowel shaped blade. 14.5" overall length in original leather scabbard with US rosette.

Lot 270
M1873 Rifle Socket Bayonet and Navy Metal Scabbard

18" blade. Retains much of the blued finish. Belt loop has brass "USN" escutcheon.

Lot 273
Model 1873 Trapdoor Rifle Socket Bayonet

18" blade. Retains most of the blued finish.

Lot 274
Model 1873 Rifle Socket Bayonet

18" blade. Retains most of the blued finish.

Lot 275
Lot 283
Model 1867 Remington Rolling Block Cadet Navy Rifle

.50-45 caliber, 32.5" round barrel. Anchor marked on the left side of frame. "P" over "FCW" on the right side of frame. Two-leaf rear barrel sight. Walnut stock and forearm.

Lot 292
Model 1870 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

.50-70 caliber, 32.5" barrel length. 1870 rear barrel sight. Breechblock marked Model 1870 with eagle over crossed arrows. Barrel has numbers stamped in the left side at breech "386." Correct double shoulder ramrod. Stock is correct type for the Model 1870 with ski slope on the sides of the tang.

Lot 293
Winchester Hotchkiss Carbine

.45-70 caliber, 24" round barrel with five land and groove rifling, S/N 16018. First model-style stock with the cutoff.

Lot 297
Model 1870 Trial Ward Burton Carbine

.50-70 caliber, 22" round barrel. No markings on the left side of receiver. Ward Burton marked on the top of the bolt. Correct trial M70 rear barrel sight with slider. Walnut stock. A very interesting modification on the inside of triggerguard with a knurled head that threads into the inner triggerguard. Plus a very unusual flat-head screw in the front triggerguard. With the absence of marking and cartouches this quite possibly is a prototype for...

Lot 300
Ward Burton Trial Rifle

.50-70 caliber, 32" round barrel. Model 1870 trial rear barrel sight. Top of bolt marked Ward Burton's Patent. Two barrel bands, walnut stock.

Lot 307
Model 1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

.45-70 caliber, 32.5" round barrel with a "P" proof at the receiver, S/N 44392.  M-79 Buckhorn rear sight with "R" marking. Early lockplate with 1873 date; correct non-lipped hammer with oval checkering. Correct breechblock with Model 1873 eagle and crossed arrows. Correct early solid head ramrod with serrations. Long-wrist stock.

Lot 321
Springfield Hotchkiss Navy Rifle Second Model

.45-70 caliber, 28.75" round barrel, S/N 5111. "HN" stamped into the bolt handle, the top of receiver, and the top of barrel at breech along with WWK  US and anchor. Large "V P" and eagle. Rear barrel sight is a replacement. Walnut stock.

Lot 328
Springfield Sharps Rifle Type II

.50-70 caliber, 35" round barrel, S/N 95. Made with the un-altered thinner lockplate in the 1874 style. M-70 rear barrel sight. Walnut stock and forearm. Total of 300 produced.

Lot 329
Model 1881 Springfield Trapdoor Shotgun (Forager)

.20 gauge, 26" round barrel, S/N 823. Front shotgun-style bead.  Breechblock marked 1881. Early-style lockplate with eagle and US Springfield and dated 1873. Correct walnut stock. These shotguns were issued to infantry cooks to forage for food. Total of 1380 were produced. Some of the serial numbers can be located and documented by SRS Springfield research service.

Lot 332
Model 1882 Trapdoor Springfield Experimental Short Rifle

.45-70 caliber, 28" round barrel with "TRB," S/N 197432. Top of breechblock marked U.S Model 1873. Large "V P" with eagle marked on the left side of barrel at receiver and an "R" on top of the barrel. Rear Buckhorn-style rear sight marked 28 R. Top of sight leaf marked "28" in the left hand corner. Leaf is graduated to 13. The Buckhorn slide is cut out to allow left and right movement. It has the friction ring on the extractor. Bent sling swivels...

Lot 337
Model 1884 Cadet Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

.45-70 caliber, 29.5" round barrel, S/N 566180. Buffington rear sight. Solid triggerguard. Walnut stock.

Lot 339
Model 1884 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

.45-70 caliber, 32.5" round barrel, S/N 445462. Large "V P" eagle "P" marked on the left side of barrel at breech. A large "A" on top of barrel. Grooved Kelton trigger. Buffington rear sight. Walnut stock.

Lot 340
Model 1884 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle RRB

.45-70 caliber, 32.5" round barrel RRB with large "V P" eagle "P," S/N 306359. Rear Buffington sight with the "R" marking and the early rack and pinion ladder. Flat latch on the ramrod bayonet. Walnut stock.

Lot 362
Model 1892 Krag Rifle Bayonet

11.5" blade. Marked at the ricasso US, and on the reverse dated 1895.  Walnut handles. Early first-type scabbard.

Lot 363
Lot 367
Krag Bayonet Dated 1902

11.5" blade, dated 1902 and marked US. Walnut handles. Blued type 4 scabbard.

Lot 370
Model 1841 Springfield Cadet Rifle

.54 caliber, 40" barrel. Small "V P" and eagle barrel proofs, dated 1844 on the tang. Lockplate is marked Springfield and dated 1844 with eagle and US.  Iron mounted with walnut stock. Total production, 450.

Lot 371
Model 1892 Springfield Krag Rifle, Second Type

.30-40 caliber, 30" barrel length, S/N 20842. Blued barrel and receiver with walnut stock and handguard. Markings on left side of receiver in two lines "US" above "1894 Springfield Armory."  Cartouche on the left side of "JSA" above "1896" in script. At the end of the stock is marked "A" above "55."  Has typical Second Type double-barrel strap. This is an example...

Lot 378
**Model 1898 Springfield Krag Rifle with Parkhurst Clip Attachment

.30-40 caliber, 30" barrel length, S/N 236004. Blue barrel and receiver, walnut stock and handguard. Standard double strap upper band. Markings on the left side of the receiver in double line "US" above "Model 1898 Springfield Armory" followed by serial number. Cartouche on stock in script of "JSA" over "1899."  Firing proof "P" behind triggerguard. Receiver has an arsenal-installed Parkhurst clip device. This is absolutely an outstanding Kr...

Lot 379
**Model 1898 Springfield Krag Rifle with 26" Barrel with Rare Krag Bayonet

.30-40 caliber, 26" barrel length, S/N 387787. Blue barrel; barrel bands with hardened receiver. Walnut stock and handguard. Has 1901 modified rear sight. Markings on left side of the receiver in two lines "US" over "Model 1898 Springfield Armory" followed by serial number. Has cartouche on left side of stock of "JSA" over "1902" in script. Has "P" firing proof marking behind triggerguard. Comes complete with a rare Krag Bayon...

Lot 384
US M1912 Training Bayonet

16" leather-covered blade.

Lot 402
**Springfield M-1 Garand Gas Trap Rifle

.30 caliber, 23.25" barrel length, S/N 5827. Other assembly numbered parts D 28287, C 46005, C 46006, C 46025 and D 28293.  Blue barrel, receiver and barrel band. New stainless steel muzzle with walnut stock and handguard. Markings on top of receiver in five lines "US Rifle" over "Cal 30 M1" over "Springfield" over "Armory" over serial number.  Double cartouche markings on...

Lot 424
British Martini Rifle

.577/450 caliber, 33" barrel, S/N 14495. Left side of frame marked B.S.A. [crown] "V" over "H." Walnut stock and forearm.

Auctions 1-50 of 354