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Lot 8
American Miniature Portrait

American, 19th century. A portrait miniature of a man in a pendant frame, presented in a fitted case; ht. 2.75 in. This miniature is purported to be from the Mohawk Valley area of New York. 

Lot 13
Folk Art Reverse Glass Painting, Silhouette, and Lithograph

American, 19th century. Lot of three, including a lithograph transferred to glass depicting a fowl, a clock door with a reverse painted still life, and a double cut paper silhouette; largest (door) ht. 20, wd. 9.25 in.

Lot 16
Collection of Still Lifes, Including One with Hidden Message

American, 19th and 20th century. Lot of 3, including a watercolor on paper, with cut out rose having inscribed hidden message, Had I the riches of France / And the wealth of Mexico / All all to be beloved by you / I would cheerfully bestow; a hand colored stipple engraving of a pear and lemon; a later oil on board fruit still life housed in a 19th century frame; largest 7.5 x 9.5 in. (sight).

Lot 25
Att. Leah Louisa Witmer (American, 19th century)

Rural Canal Scenepen and ink drawingunsignedattributed to artist and dated 1825 on back of frame4.25 x 6 in. (plate size)

Lot 33
Folk Art Painting of a Cabin

American, late 19th century. Oil on canvas, framed. Unsigned; 10 x 11.5 in. (sight).

Lot 49
Cincinnati Copper Tea Kettle Signed by John Wolf, Sieve and Measures

American, 19th century. An assembled group of copper items, including a tea kettle, signed on handle John Wolf / Cincinnati, a large sieve, and a set of three measures of graduated sizes; kettle ht. 11 in., (with handles), sieve dia. 13 in.

Lot 75
Oak Spinning Wheel

American, 19th century. A spinning wheel in oak, having turned components including spokes, wheel supports, bobbin holders and legs, M S / No. 60 1829 / Warranted carved on base; ht. 34.75, lg. 31, wheel dia. 20 in.

Lot 87
Carter Family Quilt

American (Georgia), ca 1898. A 110 block quilt with borders between each square and around the margins, each square and border pieced of small squares of Civil War era fabrics, totaling approximately 16,733 pieces; 75 x 78 in. This quilt was made in the family of descendants of Wiley Carter (1798-1864), one of whom is the 39th President of the United States, James Earl Carter Jr. The makers of the quilt are Nancy Spivey ...

Lot 147
John Rupp Paint-Decorated Corner Cupboard

Attributed to John Rupp (Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, active 19th century). A two-piece corner cupboard in pine and poplar with a brown grain-painted surface, the upper section having a molded cornice above two arched, glazed doors before a light yellow interior with two scalloped shelves, the back of the shelves having incised plate grooves and the edge of the top shelf with spoon holders. The lower section with mid molding above three a...

Lot 157
Civil War Battle Scene by H. Gadeau

American, 19th century. Oil on canvas, housed in a wooden frame. A panoramic depiction of a Civil War battle field with a central Confederate figure hoisting the flag and leading a charge against a Union force which includes African American soldiers, signed l.r.; 17.5 x 39.5 in. (sight).

Lot 181
Paint Decorated Chalkware Deer

American, first half 20th century. A hollow molded recumbent deer resting on an oblong base, retaining a paint decorated finish with mica flecking; ht. 11, lg. 9 in.

Lot 182
Eugene Kupjack (American, 1912-1991)

Balcony Scene with Child and Dogdiorama with porcelain and painted backdrop featuring a lake and village 13.75 x 10.5 in. (box)

Lot 195
Redware and Yellow Ware Jugs and Jar

American, 19th century. A lot of three, including a redware jug, a yellow ware jug, and a double-handled redware slip jar; tallest ht. 8.5 in.

Lot 217
Folk Art Grain Painted Box

American, 19th century. A folk art grain painted box, having a hinged lid with carving, painted decoration and mother-of-pearl inlay, the interior of lid with old red fabric, unsigned; ht. 4.25, wd. 11.5, dp. 8.5 in. This box is purported to be from the Mohawk Valley area of New York. 

Lot 221
Folk Art Tumbling Block Box, New York

American, ca 1884. A folk art box of mixed woods, inlaid with tumbling block and geometric patterns, having a hinged lid opening to reveal a mirror set in the lid and lift-out tray, label on box interior reads Joseph Shibley / 84 Feb 23 / Ephratah, Fulton co NY; ht. 4.5, wd. 10.25, dp. 7.75 in. Joseph Shibley is listed in the U.S. Census Records of 1870 as a resident of Ephratah, New York. He was born in Montgomery, New York c...

Lot 224
Perched Frog Wood Cane

American. A folk art cane having a carved frog handle with a slightly twisted shaft, no ferrule; lg. 34.25 in.

Lot 226
Folk Art Fist Cane

American. A wooden folk art cane having a handle in the form of a finely carved fist holding a rod; lg. 35.75 in.

Lot 227
Clenched Fist Wood Cane

American. A folk art light wood cane having a carved and incised clenched fist with baton handle; lg. 39 in.

Lot 229
Folk Art Corn Cob Cane

American. A bamboo cane with three wooden carved corn cobs attached, including handle; lg. 37.25 in.

Lot 230
Rebekah Lodge Shepherd's Crook Cane

American. A fine shepherd's crook cane with twisted shaft; lg. 64 in. This cane is purported to be associated with the Rebekah Lodge in French Lick Springs, Indiana. The Daughters of Rebekah are a service organization founded in 1851, originally intended as a female branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The group is named for Rebekah of the Book of Genesis, wife of Isaac, who is noted for her humility and ...

Lot 239
WWII Era Aviator's Cane

American, mid-20th century. A fine folk art WWII aviator's cane having a segmented shaft made up of recycled aviation electronics and an aluminum handle; lg. 33.75 in.

Lot 240
Folk Art Mosaic and Segmented Canes

A mosaic cane comprised of shell, plastic and other materials and a cane with a polychrome segmented shaft and inlaid star handle, both with metal ferrules; longest lg. 34.5 in.

Lot 319
Mort Kunstler (American, b. 1931)

OklahomaOh What a Beautiful MorningSurrey with a Fringe on TopI'm Just a Gal Who Can't Say No4 oil on canvas illustrations based on the musical Oklahoma!each signed and dated 1984 or 1985, l.r.each frameddia. of each 24 in. For several decades, Mort Kunstler has been considered the premier painter of America's history and culture. He is celebrated for his accuracy and for capturing the spirit of historical events, part...

Lot 320
Silkscreen After Grandma Moses

American, 20th century. A framed serigraph print on paper depicting a rural scene with cattle in the foreground and hills in the background. 27 x 32 in. (sight).

Lot 325
Folk Art Carnival Knock-Down Game of African American Interest

American, 20th century. A folk art carnival knock-down game of African American interest, consisting of two rows of seven knock down dolls, each carved and hinged on a wooden plank with wool hair, cloth attire, and painted facial features, all rising on a detachable frame and accompanied by twenty-seven wooden throwing balls; ht. 62.5, wd. 87.5, dp. 31 in.

Lot 463
Canine Weathervane

American. A weathervane of an Irish Setter, silhouette cut of aluminum and with a weathered patina; ht. 19.5, lg. 24 in.

Lot 481
Duck Decoys

American, 20th century. A pair of painted duck decoys; longest lg. 17 in.

Lot 507
Chippendale Style Mirror

American, early 20th century. A reproduction Chippendale mirror; 30 x 17.25 in.

Lot 512
Early Blown Glass

American, 19th century. An assembled group of early blown glass including a smoke shade, three colorless glass jars of various sizes, an aqua glass canning jar, a small handled cup and mug with hand painted memorial; tallest ht. 8.75 in.

Lot 519
Pressed Glass Punch Bowl

American, 19th century. A colorless pressed glass punch bowl; ht. 7, dia. 14.75 in.

Lot 533
Brown Glazed Puzzle Mug and Ale Pitchers

American and English, 19th century. A puzzle mug with an arch handle and two lidded pitchers, one embossed with fish decorations, the other embossed with wheat decorations; tallest ht. 10 in. (with lid).

Lot 558
Rockingham Pitcher

American, 19th century. A molded pitcher in Rockingham glaze with depiction of Classical figures; ht. 9.5 in.

Lot 571
Toby Shaving Mug and Pitchers

American, 19th century. A Rockingham glaze toby pattern shaving mug, marked for Bennett of Baltimore, a Rockingham mask spout pitcher and a flint enamel glaze pitcher; tallest ht. 9.75 in.

Lot 601
Vintage Handmade Box Purses

An assembled group of four vintage handmade box purses, including a whimsical Noah's Arc themed purse with applied animals to base and swing handle, a picnic-basket form purse in blue paint with Chinoiserie decorations, an octagonal shaped purse with swing handle, glass display top with inset fabric depicting peaches, and a small swing handled purse, the lid having a sponge painted border and rooster to center. Noah's Arc purse signed on lid The ...

Lot 609
Two Woven Blue and White Coverlets

American, 19th century. Two woven blue and white coverlets, one a summer and winter coverlet in snowball pattern with pine tree border on three sides, with fringe on one end, the other an overshot coverlet with block pattern with striped border on three sides; snowball coverlet 76.75 x 62.75 in., block coverlet 91.5 x 66.5 in.

Lot 612
Woven Overshot Coverlets, Plus

American, 19th century. Two woven overshot coverlets, one a two panel coverlet in a geometric pattern in red, white and blue with fringe to one side, the other a two-panel coverlet in a geometric pattern in bluish green, PLUS a coverlet fragment in red, white and blue; large red, white and blue 78.25 x 59.5 in., bluish green 81 x 64.5 in., fragment 17.75 x 16.5 in.

Lot 614
Pair of Tri-Color Coverlets

American. Two coverlets in yellow, blue and white having a snowball pattern variation and a double pine tree border, no fringes; each 37.5 x 95.25 in.

Lot 616
Green and White Coverlets

American, 19th century. A pair of single panel summer and winter coverlets in light green and white, each in a variation Lover's Knot pattern with geometric lozenge borders; 81.75 x 63.75 in. (each).

Lot 631
Animal Form Canes in Black Paint

American. Two wooden canes in black paint, one with horse head handle and the other with dog head handle; longest lg. 36 in.

Lot 655
Cast Iron Naughty Nellie Boot Jacks

American. Group of three; longest lg. 11.25 in.

Lot 51
Relic of Col. Elmer Ellsworth's Flag, Plus CDVs of Ellsworth and Brownell

Lot of 3, including a relic of Ellsworth's flag sewed onto a 3.75 x 4 in. piece of paper with ink identification A Piece of the Flag Col. Ellsworth raised on the Marshall House, 1861; a CDV of Ellsworth published by J. Gurney & Son, 1863, with an explanation on verso as to the head of the goddess of liberty mysteriously appearing in the print after retouching (though we do not see it); and a fine CDV of Francis E. Brownell, Ellsworth's avenge...

Lot 52
1st Lieut. Francis Brownell, Autographed CDV, Plus Poem

Lot of 2, featuring a rare carte of 1st. Lieut. Francis Brownell in uniform, proudly displaying the medals on his jacket, while holding a Staff Officer's sword in his left hand, beautifully autographed on verso Frank E. Brownell/ USA, with Gurney & Son, New York imprint. The CDV is accompanied by an anonymous manuscript poem, 5 x 8 in., addressed to the Army, honoring Elmer Ellsworth, the first conspicuous casualt...

Lot 54
Signed CDV of David G. Farragut as Vice Admiral, Plus

CDV by J. Gurney & Son, New York, ink signed on verso Presented by D.G. Farragut / Vice Admiral / U.S. Navy, plus an albumen CDV after an engraving.

Lot 55
Admiral David G. Farragut, Two CDVs by Black & Case, Boston, One Signed

Lot of 2 CDVs of the same pose (one vignetted) by photographers Black & Case, Boston & Newport, RI.  Full view is ink signed on verso D.G. Farragut / Vice Admiral, the vignette with ink identification in another hand on recto.

Lot 56
Admiral David G. Farragut CDVs by New Orleans Photographers, Plus

Lot of 4, including cartes by New Orleans photographers E. Jacobs, McPherson & Oliver, and Anderson & Turner, plus a view by Brady & Co.

Lot 62
Gouverneur K. Warren, Salt Print as Colonel, Plus CDV Retouched as General

Lot of 2, featuring a hand-colored salt print of Gouverneur K. Warren, "Hero of Little Round Top," 11.25 x 14.75 in., on 13 x 16.5 in. mount, with Bendann brothers blindstamp lower right in print, ca 1861. Warren is shown wearing the uniform of colonel, 5th New York Zouaves, a New York militia unit. A CDV copy of the same image, also by Bendann Bros., Baltimore, accompanies the lot. Although ...

Lot 63
Captain Frederic Speed of USS Sultana Infamy, Albumen Photograph Plus CDVs

Lot of 4, featuring oval-length albumen photograph of Captain Frederic Speed, 5.25 x 7.25 in., on trimmed mount, 6.5 x 8.5 in., no studio imprint. The photograph is accompanied by 3 CDVs, including a vignetted, civilian view of Speed, with Raymond & Allen, Detroit, MI, backmark, and 2 cartes of his brother, J.J. Speed, the first by C.D. Fredricks & Co., the second by G. Grelling, Detroit. Captain & AAG Frederic Speed (1841-1911)&nb...

Lot 67
David Knox Albumen Photograph, A Fancy Group, in Front of Petersburg

Albumen photograph, 7 x 9 in., on 13.5 x 10.5 in. mount with the imprinted title A Fancy Group, In Front of Petersburg, August, 1864, negative by David Knox, positive by Alexander Gardner, Washington, DC, 1865. The photograph was published as Plate No. 76 in Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War, and presents an unusual scene in which two contraband servants steady their roosters in preparation for a cock fight while 12 officers in ca...

Lot 72
Jefferson Davis ALS, January 20, 1858

Jefferson Davis (1808-1889). Sole President of the Confederate States of America (1861-1865). ALS as US Senator from Mississippi (1857-1861). 2pp. Dated January 20, 1858, from the Senate Chamber, signed Jeffn. Davis. Addressed to Hon. I. Toucey, Secretary of the Navy. A letter in which Davis introduces A.S. Worth and recommends the young man as an applicant for a lieutenancy in the US Marines. Davis identifies Worth as the son...

Lot 73
Rare CSA General Robert E. Lee Clipped Signature as Gen'l. Comm'd.

Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870). Clipped signature on verso of stationery with "Headquarters"  printed at top, and "Richd." below. Date clipped off, but appears  to be "9 J___,"  possibly near the end of the war in January when the ANV was "digging in" and focusing on protecting the Confederate capital.  At other times, headquarters was wherever the army was, ...

Auctions 1-50 of 125