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First Model Henry Rifle
2010, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, April 28 & 29
.44 rimfire caliber, 24" octagonal barrel, S/N 1327. Missing front and rear barrel sight, early variation with frame dovetailed for sight. Original "perch belly" walnut buttstock and early brass buttplate. All numbers match to the rifle as well as three of the tang screws and buttplate screws. One of the tang screws is a replacement. No cleaning rod.

Barrel has turned to a nice natural plum with some brown staining. Barrel markings are very crisp and sharp. Frame and buttplate has some nicks and dings, but still retains a nice untouched patina. Original buttstock has some nicks and dings. Bore is excellent.
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Model 1860 Cavalry Saber
Lot # 130 - Model 1860 Cavalry Saber
35.5" blade, marked at ricasso Tiffany & Co, New York. Iron guard and pommel. Leather and wired wrapped. Lacking scabbard. > Item Details
Indian Wars Presentation Sword to <i>Captain  James Flannegan</i>
Lot # 226 - Indian Wars Presentation Sword to Captain James Flannegan
[B]y the members of the Emmett Guards to their Captain...March 6, 1871. 32" blade etched with military motifs. With brass silver-plated fluted grip, brass knuckle bow with eagle and floral designs, fancy brass pommel. Missing scabbard, but still retains the top band of scabbard with the engraved in... > Item Details
Spanish Sword
Turner Rifle with Rare Turner Type Bayonet, PLUS, Reference Book
Lot # 92 - Turner Rifle with Rare Turner Type Bayonet, PLUS, Reference Book
ca 1855-1860. .45 caliber, 30" octagonal barrel, marked on the top of barrel H.L. Siebert, 230 Main St. Cincinnati, O. Back-action percussion lock marked T. Gibbons. Cov, KY False breech and turned at the muzzle for bullet starter. Patent breech, double screwed tang. Walnut full-stock with double-se... > Item Details
Indian Knife with Leather Sheath
Lot # 1250 - Indian Knife with Leather Sheath
Leather sheath trimmed in a red trade blanket. Indian-made knife with wood handle. > Item Details
1790s American Eagle Head Officer's Sabre
Lot # 9 - 1790s American Eagle Head Officer's Sabre
Ca 1790 - 1810, 3/4 fuller, 30" long x 1.125" wide blade with blue and gold gilt finish. Blade is marked Warranted indicating British mfg. Bone handle; brass eagle head pommel with laurel bow. > Item Details
Merwin and Bray Ballard Rifle
Lot # 102 - Merwin and Bray Ballard Rifle
.52 cal., 30" barrel, buttplate marked U.S. on top. > Item Details
Indian War Canteens, Lot of Five
Lot # 516 - Indian War Canteens, Lot of Five
Five canteens recovered and used during the Spanish-American War. Complete with Cavalry straps to clip to saddles. > Item Details
Springfield Model 1872 Cavalry Officer's Saber
Lot # 228 - Springfield Model 1872 Cavalry Officer's Saber
Brass pommel and knuckle bow chased with military motifs, 34" nickel-plated blade etched with military motifs and Springfield Armory, Springfield, Mass. U.S.A., shagreen and brass wire wrapped handle. > Item Details
* Lewis Machine Gun MK,
Lot # 529 - * Lewis Machine Gun MK,
.303 caliber BR. with magazine. 26.5" barrel, S/N A-212. Mixed numbers. AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Needs C&R and is fully transferable. Buyer pays transfer fees. > Item Details
WWII Command Air Crew Wing
Lot # 1125 - WWII Command Air Crew Wing
Verso marked N.S. Meyer Inc, New York, Sterling. > Item Details
Engraved Powder Horn
Lot # 1 - Engraved Powder Horn
9" length, double engrailed edge, raised ring, fluted throat. Wood plug and base with wood pins. Engraved with a finely rendered ship, an animal with human-like head, geometric designs and a nude female. Also engraved in a banner is the name Elisha Blunt/25th/?/1776. An Elisha Blunt appears on the ... > Item Details
* WWII Japanese Type 99 Sniper Rifle
Lot # 645 - * WWII Japanese Type 99 Sniper Rifle
7.7 Japanese caliber, 26" barrel, S/N 303. Matching serial numbers, chrysanthemum ground off, Nagoya arsenal only manufactured 10,000 of these rifles. (Kokura mfg. a total 1,000 rifles, mostly with 2.5X scopes). This rifle comes with rare 4X scope. > Item Details
Lot # 1175 - Kolb "Baby Hammerless"
.22 short caliber, 1.25" barrel. Nickel finish with hard rubber grips. > Item Details
Philippine Campaign Service Medal  #22741
Lot # 474 - Philippine Campaign Service Medal #22741
Authorized January 1905, red/blue ribbon, rim No. 22741, issued to Charles R. Grey, Pvt. M. & H. Troop, 6th Cavalry on September 22, 1919. The 6th Cavalry fought at San Juan Hill and two of the regiment's three battalions were selected for Philippine occupation duty in 1900. The 6th Cavalry was de... > Item Details
British Naval Dirk
Lot # 26 - British Naval Dirk
20.5" curved blade with traces of nitre blue accents and gold inlays. Lion profile on languets. Handle with gold gilt with floral engravings, with chain and gilt crossguard. Brass throat and drag with rococo engravings on one side; complete with gilt figural dolphins. > Item Details
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