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Bering Sea Eskimo Ivory Pipe
2009, American Indian & Western Art , September 11
carved in three pieces; stem incised with bands of whales, loons, and whale tails; flared bowl designed with hatch marks along rim; pipe finished with a four-faced figure. The figure is composed of a naked male who faces away from the smoker. Two women, traditionally depicted as frowning, look to the sides, and a smiling male holds the pipe bowl and faces the smoker. Eyes of the faces embellished with baleen, length 15"
fourth quarter 19th century

Some baleen missing; figure has broken foot; end of pipe at mouth broken and reglued.
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Edward S. Curtis Signed Photograph <i>Spirit of the past - Apsaroke</i>,
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Fuentes De Salamanca,
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Sioux Beaded Tobacco Bag
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Northwestern California Baskets
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Assiniboine Beaded Hide Toiletry Bag,
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thread-sewn with geometric designs on front panel; cloth strap, total length 15" x width 7". ca 1900 > Item Details
Plateau Parfleche Envelope
Lot # 119 - Plateau Parfleche Envelope
with yellow, red, and green geometric devices outlined in blue; length 27" x width 12". ca 1900 > Item Details
Victor Casenelli (American, 1867-1961),
Lot # 353 - Victor Casenelli (American, 1867-1961),
Indian in Winterwatercolor and gouache on papersigned l.r.11.5" x 19.5"Edward M. Woliver, MD (1914-2008) was born and educated in Cincinnati. In 1946, after serving in WWII as a general surgeon, he returned to the Queen City where he enjoyed a long distinguished career, practicing and teaching gener... > Item Details
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