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Bering Sea Eskimo Ivory Pipe
2009, American Indian & Western Art , September 11
carved in three pieces; stem incised with bands of whales, loons, and whale tails; flared bowl designed with hatch marks along rim; pipe finished with a four-faced figure. The figure is composed of a naked male who faces away from the smoker. Two women, traditionally depicted as frowning, look to the sides, and a smiling male holds the pipe bowl and faces the smoker. Eyes of the faces embellished with baleen, length 15"
fourth quarter 19th century

Some baleen missing; figure has broken foot; end of pipe at mouth broken and reglued.
Sold: $11,162.50
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Greenland Eskimo Umiak with Rowers
Lot # 17 - Greenland Eskimo Umiak with Rowers
wooden frame with walrus skin shell; four carved and dressed wooden rowers with carved wooden paddles, ivory tipped harpoon, grease lamp, and other accouterments fill boat, length 28". ca 1900 > Item Details
Santa Clara Polychrome Redware Bowl
Lot # 174 - Santa Clara Polychrome Redware Bowl
rainclouds and lightning decorate shoulder, height 4" x diameter 8". mid 20th century > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 291 - Sioux Beaded Tobacco Bag,
sinew-sewn hide using colors of red white-heart, dark blue, pea green, white, and faceted brass; tin cones filled with red feathers further enhance bag, total length 27". late 19th century > Item Details
Cheyenne Quilled Cradle Cover
Lot # 298 - Cheyenne Quilled Cradle Cover
thread and sinew-sewn with lanes of red, orange, and blue quillwork on hood; parfleche tab quilled and finished with fringe, brass bells, tin cones, and feathers; edge of cradle beaded with red white-heart, greasy yellow, dark and light blue, and white; lined with patterned cotton, length 15.5". lat... > Item Details
Gordon Dale Phillips (American, b. 1927),
Lot # 403 - Gordon Dale Phillips (American, b. 1927),
Indian in Winteracrylic/oil on panelsigned l.r.13.5" x 18.5" > Item Details
Lot # 1016 - "Yard Long" Photograph of Salida, Colorado,
small panoramic image, 7" x 26.5", with Alt. 7,050 ft. and photographer's identification, H.R. Hay in negative. On verso Population 1922 4,685. Rail yard and river in foreground, mountains behind town. Horse-drawn carriage near river, a few cars parked along roads (as well as a few other horse-draw... > Item Details
Austin Deuel (American, b. 1939),
Lot # 417 - Austin Deuel (American, b. 1939),
1 Minute to Redeyeacrylic on papersigned l.r.11.5" x 19.5"Edward M. Woliver, MD (1914-2008) was born and educated in Cincinnati. In 1946, after serving in WWII as a general surgeon, he returned to the Queen City where he enjoyed a long distinguished career, practicing and teaching general surgery te... > Item Details
Apache Hide Card Case with Cards,
Lot # 203 - Apache Hide Card Case with Cards,
softly tanned thread-sewn hide decorated with a diamond on each side of case and striped fringe; numbered cards with assorted inked sketches incorporating suit patterns, images include Indians, soldiers, baseball players, spread-winged eagle, and fancy dressed ladies, length (including fringe) 6" x ... > Item Details
Central California (Maidu?) Baskets
Lot # 93 - Central California (Maidu?) Baskets
lot of 2, includes a conical-shaped burden basket decorated with stacked triangular bands; hide thong, length 10" x diameter 11.5"; AND another basket with bands of zigzags, height 5.5" x diameter 9". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Hide Dress,
Lot # 123 - Plateau Beaded Hide Dress,
thread-sewn canvas yoke; florally designed with beadwork in colors of red, white, light blue, and translucent; body of dress made of hide and enhanced with fringe along seams, length 43" x chest 46". mid 20th century > Item Details
Maria Martinez and Popovi Da San Ildefonso Blackware Bowl
Lot # 176 - Maria Martinez and Popovi Da San Ildefonso Blackware Bowl
gunmetal surface and delicately decorated with feathers and hatch-work, signed Marie and Popovi/ 1259, height 4.75" x diameter 6". 1959 > Item Details
Great Lakes Ball Head Club
Lot # 336 - Great Lakes Ball Head Club
old green painted handle with slightly scalloped underside; iron spike; old collection label Great Lakes War Club/ St. Paul, Minn./ W.M. Sevres Collection, length 26.75". 19th century > Item Details
Northwest Coast Totem Pole
Lot # 62 - Northwest Coast Totem Pole
six-figure poles painted in black, green, and yellow, height 32". first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Rose Gonzales San Ildefonso Redware Bowl
Lot # 181 - Rose Gonzales San Ildefonso Redware Bowl
carved with snow and rain clouds hanging from rim; signed Rose, height 3.5" x diameter 6.5". mid 20th century > Item Details
Eskimo Wooden Ladle and Bowl
Lot # 4 - Eskimo Wooden Ladle and Bowl
lot of 2, ladle with tapering handle and wide scoop, length 17"; AND a carved wooden bowl, length 14" x width 6". 19th century > Item Details
Yokuts Polychrome Basket
Lot # 100 - Yokuts Polychrome Basket
bundle coiled with reddish and black stepped block motifs, height 7.75" x diameter 14" early 20th century > Item Details
Aleut Sealskin Kayak with Rowers
Lot # 19 - Aleut Sealskin Kayak with Rowers
red, blue, and yellow painted sealskin covering wooden frame of kayak; with two wooden rowers with lead hands and dressed in seal gut clothing augmented with red, green, and yellow wool, length 15". ca 1900 > Item Details
Fuentes De Salamanca,
Lot # 437 - Fuentes De Salamanca,
Ghost Town Wagonsoil on canvassigned l.l.40" x 30" > Item Details
Apache Parfleche Cylinder
Lot # 205 - Apache Parfleche Cylinder
painted in red, blue, and yellow with thin black outlining; hide thongs tie at seams to create fringe; inked on side Apache, length 16" x diameter 4.75". late 19th century > Item Details
Elk Antler Flesher
Lot # 305 - Elk Antler Flesher
with original file blade and hide lashing, length 13.25".19th century > Item Details
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