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Unusual Tintype of a Masked Woman,
2003 Americana May 8-9.
6th plate in an octagonal floral Union case. A fine fun theatrical portrait!

Image EXC., case with slight surface wear, still VG.
Est $150 - $250
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Grain Painted Two Drawer Mule Chest,
Lot # 969 - Grain Painted Two Drawer Mule Chest,
pine. Primitive original black & red swirled grain paint. Solid ends, cut-out legs, 2 drawers below chest section. Old polished patina with margin wear to paint at lid, as expected, 37" x 17.25" x 36" h. > Item Details
Tintype of  Robinson Brothers, 1st Maine Cavalry,
Lot # 241 - Tintype of Robinson Brothers, 1st Maine Cavalry,
a superb quarter plate of two brothers armed with M1860 sabers and holstered revolvers identified in back of case as “Elijah and Geo. Robinson, 1st Maine Cavalry” in period pencil. Elijah (on left?) Robinson apparently had prior service in the 1st District of Columbia Cavalry before transferring to... > Item Details
Cutout Sheet Metal Weathervane of Indian,
Lot # 937 - Cutout Sheet Metal Weathervane of Indian,
circa 1900-20. Indian has bow & arrow and feathered headdress, with original painted details in brown and black; 12" x 17.5". > Item Details
Two Gamy Chromolithographs of Early Airplanes,
Lot # 513 - Two Gamy Chromolithographs of Early Airplanes,
both 17.75" x 35.5". Includes a signed Gamy, entitled "Grand Prix De La Champagne Henri Farman le gagnant sur son biplan moteur Gnome" and marked Copyright.09 Mabileau et Co. Paris," depicting Henri Farman III's 1909 French biplane; AND a second signed Gamy, entitled "Berlin-Johannisthal Latham sur ... > Item Details
Shaker Sewing Box,
Lot # 658 - Shaker Sewing Box,
12.75" wide x 9" deep x 4.5" high, circa 1880. Simple lap-joint construction in poplar with original old varnished and bronzed floral painted surface. > Item Details
Gamy Automobile Chromolithographs,
Lot # 518 - Gamy Automobile Chromolithographs,
lot of 2, both with added hand coloring, 17.75" x 35.5" and marked "Mabileau & Co. Paris 1913." First, not titled, shows an American banked course with 2 man blue car in lead and American flags along track; second "Targa Florio (1050 Km)/Nazzaro gagnant la Coupe de l'A.C.. de Palermo sur Pneua Prel... > Item Details
Gamy Chromolithographs of Touring Cars,
Lot # 522 - Gamy Chromolithographs of Touring Cars,
lot of 2. Both signed in print, with added hand coloring and marked "Mabileau & Co. Paris 1913" and "1914," each 17.75" x 35.5". The 1913 example is entitled "En Bretag'ne," depicting a male driver with 2 ladies in rear seat, driving on a road along a coastline. > Item Details
Blaine Campaign Flag,
Lot # 140 - Blaine Campaign Flag,
17 x 27", all printed cotton, his portrait in canton surrounded by 38 stars, "Patented Sept. 4th, 1883" on stripe, AND a printed paper trade card, 3 x 4.5". Same flag with Washington portrait and rear with "The 1884 campaign banner" by S.W. Johnson. Original price 30 cents. > Item Details
Underwood and Underwood Book-Boxed Stereoview Set,
Lot # 82 - Underwood and Underwood Book-Boxed Stereoview Set,
"India" (98 of 100), with guidebook "India Through the Stereoscope" by J. Ricalton. Set contains exotic images such as men inflating bullock-skin boats, breathtaking views of the Indian countryside, and religious Hindu practices. > Item Details
Log Cabin & Geometric Quilts,
Lot # 864 - Log Cabin & Geometric Quilts,
lot of 2, both early 20th century, Midwestern. Includes a nice pieced solid and printed fabric "Log Cabin" type with tied construction as nearly all are, 76" x 81"; AND a pieced quilt with diagonal chains of squares flanked by matching chains in light blue, 71.5" x 83". > Item Details
Keystone Library-Boxed Stereoview Sets,
Lot # 93 - Keystone Library-Boxed Stereoview Sets,
lot of 2. "Birds" (25) includes beautiful views of the Magnolia Warbler and Ring-necked Pheasants in their natural habitats. "Wild Animals" (26) contain scenes of animals in the wild, in the zoo, and in natural history museums. > Item Details
Assorted Collection of Sketches by H.A. Ogden,
Lot # 233 - Assorted Collection of Sketches by H.A. Ogden,
lot of 58 pencil sketches and pencil & watercolor on paper. These are studies for larger works including numerous finished and partial military images from the Revolutionary War through WW I period, with most being from Revolution. Also includes battle scenes, Civil War and other wars. In addition, ... > Item Details
Ex-libris Orville Wright,
Lot # 504 - Ex-libris Orville Wright,
lot of 2, both with stamp on ffep "From the private library of Orville Wright." Includes Hodgman, Charles D., ed. "Handbook of Chenistry and Physics." Cleveland: Chemical Ruber Publishing Co., 1933. 16mo, soft cloth, 1818pp. AND Calderara, Attilio. "Nell'Azzurro: L'Aeronautica Dalle Sue Origini Legg... > Item Details
Paxton Guards Co. D  4th Va Cavalry Guidon,
Lot # 414 - Paxton Guards Co. D 4th Va Cavalry Guidon,
rarely seen Dragoon-pattern (Model 1833) silk 38" x 27.5" guidon carried by Company D, 4th Virginia (Union) Cavalry. Recruited as the “Paxton Guards” in honor of Colonel John C. Paxton, 2nd Virginia Cavalry, whom Gen. J.D. Cox described as “handsome, dashing, fearless…a bold rider and daring scout.... > Item Details
Ambrotype of  Hat Makers,
Lot # 23 - Ambrotype of Hat Makers,
anonymous quarter plate size in full leather case. A fine occupational of three hat makers and their tools, including hat block, and various crimping and shaping irons. > Item Details
Masons Imari,
Lot # 789 - Masons Imari,
lot of 4, all circa 1830s-40s, English with various impressed or printed marks of Mason's. Three are in ironstone with Imari patterns, including a pair of 9" plates and a shell shaped dish, 8.25" deep x 9.4" w.; AND a pearlware dark blue transfer-printed vegetable dish with red painted highlights, ... > Item Details
Harrison, Wilson, & McKinley Campaign Memorabilia,
Lot # 146 - Harrison, Wilson, & McKinley Campaign Memorabilia,
lot of 4 includes a clear glass Maltese cross with albumen jugate portrait of Harrison & Morton on salmon ground, 1.5" square with hanger at top; PLUS a tiny Gold Bug with attached die stamped coin with "Sound/Money" on each side, pin back, .75" long, 1.25" long with pin; PLUS a cello pin back with ... > Item Details
Mocha Decorated Tankards,
Lot # 955 - Mocha Decorated Tankards,
lot of 2, both English, probably Staffordshire district. Includes a nice example on whiteware body with dendritic or "seaweed" pattern on wide annular band, C-scroll handle, circa 1870. 4.5" d. x 5.75" h.; AND an example with bands in sea green and blue on pearlware body, C-scroll handle, circa 1840... > Item Details
Rose Medallion Ceramics,
Lot # 671 - Rose Medallion Ceramics,
lot of 4, all 19th century. Includes a Rose Medallion 2-handled vase with 4 applied gilt dragons on neck/shoulder, 10" h.; PLUS a brush pot, cylindrical shaped, 3.8" d. x 4.25" h.; PLUS a shallow vegetable dish with scalloped edge, decorated with a riot of polychrome butterfly's on border and cente... > Item Details
Four 19th & Early 20th Century American Quilts,
Lot # 858 - Four 19th & Early 20th Century American Quilts,
includes one rare double sided, others are all geometric, three are tied and one is quilted. > Item Details
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