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Colt Model 1866 Gatling Gun,
2007, Winter Firearms Auction, Nov 7 & 8
serial number 22. 45/70 caliber, 10 barrel gun complete with 1877 style carriage. Brass plaque affixed on breech of cannon reads Gatling Battery Gun #22 Patented May 3, 1865 by Colt's Patented Manufacturing Co. Hartford, Conn, U.S.A. Ten 32" barrels. Barrels and breech casing are of steel composition and are gunmetal grey. The barrel's frame is painted black. Grey painted carriage. All metal surfaces of carriage have been painted black. 54.5" wheel diameter. Pair of ammunition boxes measure 12.5" x 23" x 14.5". 77" width and 100" overall length.

This Colt Gatling Gun Model 1866 with the serial number 22 was originally purchased by the U.S. Government and issued to the U.S. Navy in caliber 50/70. Later on it was converted to 45/70 by the government. This 10 barrel gun is complete with field carriage that was installed by the U.S. Navy on the U.S.S. Yorktown. The U.S.S. Yorktown, Gun Boat No. 1 saw extensive service in foreign waters "showing the flag" as it was called in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It had numerous engagements in the China Sea during the 1890s. It patrolled South American and Mexican waters prior to WWI and then U.S. Coastal waters towards the end of the war. This Gatling Gun remained on board the U.S.S. Yorktown until she was decommisioned, ending her long service in 1919. The Gatling Gun was then donated to the Houston, Texas Museum. In 1967 the museum sold the gun at public auction to a Houston collector. The collector restored and cared for the gun until 1991.

This is a historically important Gatling Gun with complete provenance. Not only is the history and origin complete, but the gun itself is complete and functional and in very good condition considering its long Navy service. This Gatling Gun is a very rare early model with only two others in known existance. Included with this lot is several documents relating to its history.

USS Yorktown, Houston Museum, Michael Powasnick,Peter Wainwright, David Squire, Barry Kolbert

All metal services has a light salt and pepper pitting with a gunmetal grey look. The pitting cause from being exposed to the elements and salt water. Brass parts has a nice patinated look. All markings are visible. All ten bores are in excellent condition. Brass plate on top of gun is worn, but has naturally aged look and is very legible. Carriage has been repainted. Inside spokes with age cracking. Axle is excellent with no major cracks. Main body of carriage is excellent with no cracks. Yoke in in excellent condition, but has been repainted.
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