48-Star American National Flag,
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41 x 72", 48 crudely cut cotton stars are glued onto a cotton canton in a double medallion pattern surrounding a larger central star, all flanked by a bracket of four stars in three corners, only three in lower right. The reverse of the canton has presently only 31 similar stars in a different double medallion pattern that was purposefully designed, although some additional stars may have been lost over time. The canton was inserted into the seventh hand-sewn silk stripe of the remainder of an early to mid-19th century flag. The entire flag is vintage with its canton's material and glued stars being similar to late 19th century flags while noting its 48 stars.

Stripes are completely faded and oxidized as well as having pervasive fracturing with fabric loss, canton fair.
Est $600 - $800
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1869 Map of New Orleans,
Lot # - 1869 Map of New Orleans,
an 1869 map of New Orleans: New Plan of the City of New Orleans Compiled for Gardner’s Directory; lithographed by B. Simon of New Orleans. Slight loss at usual folds, minor holes detracts little, ink-stamped E. R. Wagner Stationer and Bank Book Manufacturer, signed on verso by George C. Packword. A... > Item Details
19th Century Christian Satirical Poem,
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Printed Grover Cleveland <i>Up Salt River Pass</i>,
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1930s Silver Overlay Golfing Trophy,
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Civil War Letter  and Cover from U.S.C.T.,
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