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Eskimo Model Kayak,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
sinew-sewn seal skin, stretched over wooden frame, with walrus ivory at both prows and ivory rigging, 23" long. Inked museum accession number 541.116.1 on underside.

One split in skin near prowl, VG-.
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Chippewa Beaded Bandolier Bag,
Lot # 769 - Chippewa Beaded Bandolier Bag,
with typical floral beadwork in translucent green, amber, pea green, greasy yellow, pinks, cobalt, light blue, amber, rose, red white heart, corn yellow, against white ground. Pouch bordered with black velveteen and zigzag beadwork, cane beaded loops with green yarn tassels, length 42". > Item Details
Eastern Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowl with Figural Stem,
Lot # 692 - Eastern Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowl with Figural Stem,
ca 19th century, with a round and faceted "T-form" bowl, length 7.8" x height 4". Hardwood stem carved in relief with a slithering rattlesnake on one face and a turtle flanked by two otters(?) on other, all animals with file-branded highlights, length 13.5". Tag on bottom of bowl "Catlinite Pipe/ ... > Item Details
Yokuts Bowl,
Lot # 391 - Yokuts Bowl,
coiled with stylized, reddish-brown "quail" figures radiating around neutral colored bowl, height 5.5" x diameter 12.25". > Item Details
Eastern Sioux Hide Pouch with American Flags,
Lot # 705 - Eastern Sioux Hide Pouch with American Flags,
thread and sinew-sewn with beadwork in colors of baby blue, rose, pink, brown, yellow, cobalt, translucent green and red, faceted red and blue, and brass beads. Pouch decorated with crossed American flags, central star, U.S. shield, and "1918" and initials "S.J." at opening, verso with floral imager... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Bag,
Lot # 713 - Sioux Beaded Hide Bag,
reworked from a saddlebag, sinew-sewn with bold, bright beadwork in colors of light blue, cobalt, rose, red white heart, white, translucent green, and yellow. Hourglass designs with crosses bordered by tipis, long fringe at bottom, short fringe along one side, pinked opening, thin beaded hide strap... > Item Details
Group of Eskimo Utilitarian Items,
Lot # 23 - Group of Eskimo Utilitarian Items,
lot of 5. Includes a whale baculum or penile bone used as a club for killing animals in the Northwest Coast and Arctic regions, length 18.9"; PLUS a wooden Eskimo breast yoke with hooks for draglines, length 35"; PLUS a pair of hide Eskimo sunglasses with decorative slits over center of nose and la... > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 759 - Chippewa Beaded Hide Moccasins,
ca 1890, thread-sewn hide with couched floral beadwork on black velveteen in colors of light blue, light green, corn yellow, and white. Cuffs edged with red calico, length 9.25". > Item Details
Crow Buffalo Hide Parfleche,
Lot # 722 - Crow Buffalo Hide Parfleche,
ca 1860-1870, with large, bold, connecting diamonds in colors of green, red, and yellow all outlined in blue, hide closing tie, length 27.25" x width 11". > Item Details
Pueblo Drum with Painted Sides,
Northeastern California Basket,
Lot # 29 - Northeastern California Basket,
twined with full twist-overlay motif of stepped triangles moving diagonally around the container, height 5.25" x diameter 8.25". > Item Details
Lot # 315 - "Two Leaping Blue Deer" by Pop Chalee,
lot of 2, silkscreen, signed lower right. Includes a wonderful picture of two deer leaping through sagebrush, length (w/o frame) 5.25" x width 5.75", length 10.75" x width 11.5"; AND another depicting a blue colt with a fluffy tail, length (w/o frame) 5" x width 7.25", length 10.75" x width 11.5". > Item Details
Acoma Long-Necked Jar,
Lot # 460 - Acoma Long-Necked Jar,
ca 1900, black and red-on-white and potted with spherical body, long gently tapering neck, scalloped rim, two stirrup handles, and indented bottom. With delicate solid and hatched designs of rain birds and foliage contained within ornate rectangles, flowering plants on neck, height 12" x diameter 1... > Item Details
Tohono O'odham Miniature Horsehair Baskets,
Lot # 59 - Tohono O'odham Miniature Horsehair Baskets,
lot of 4, all with great motifs. Includes one with seventeen men under red stepped mesas, diameter 2.1"; PLUS one with four saguaro cactuses with flowering tops, four bats, three deer with antlers, and three smaller deer, diameter 2.4"; PLUS one with a red star in center with four blue butterflies ... > Item Details
Plains Stone Club,
Lot # 219 - Plains Stone Club,
double-pointed quartzite head with wooden shaft and inserted into head using a blue painted leather strap, hide fringe at top, sinew-sewn orange leather covered shaft, length 17.5". > Item Details
Plains Child and Doll Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 187 - Plains Child and Doll Beaded Hide Moccasins,
lot of 3, including a pair of Cheyenne moccasins, sinew-sewn on commercial hide and beaded with lanes of tiny seed beads in cobalt, green, amber, and faceted white and light blue, length 4.25"; PLUS a single Sioux child's buffalo hide moccasin, fully beaded in white, blue, and red white heart, lengt... > Item Details
Antler Handled Spear Point Blade,
Lot # 667 - Antler Handled Spear Point Blade,
hand-wrought, double-edged lance head, possibly made from a broken sword, with an obvious ricasso. Mounted in antler, blade length 7.25", total length 11.5". > Item Details
Zuni Owl,
Lot # 446 - Zuni Owl,
ca 1910-1920, black and red-on-white. Wonderful piece potted in the form of a screeching owl, with naturalistic hooked beak, eyes, "feather horns," wings, and tail, height 11.5" x diameter 9", Akron Art Museum Collection tag included. > Item Details
Plateau Horn Spoon,
Lot # 213 - Plateau Horn Spoon,
handle with incised dotted circles and broad scoop, length 11.75" x width of scoop 3.75". > Item Details
Fred Harvey-Style Bracelet,
Lot # 159 - Fred Harvey-Style Bracelet,
with great stamped whirling logs, appliqu├ęd horses, and central green turquoise, width .7" x opening .8". > Item Details
Cheyenne Fully Beaded Lattice Doll Cradle,
Lot # 654 - Cheyenne Fully Beaded Lattice Doll Cradle,
ca 19th century, thread and sinew-sewn on hide with lazy stitches in white, translucent red, light blue, and yellow seed beads. Designed on sides with divided hourglasses extending onto rolled lane along edge, three hide thong closing ties. Lined with cream-colored cotton and supported with "V-sha... > Item Details
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