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Eskimo Model Kayak,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
sinew-sewn seal skin, stretched over wooden frame, with walrus ivory at both prows and ivory rigging, 23" long. Inked museum accession number 541.116.1 on underside.

One split in skin near prowl, VG-.
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Zoomorphic Penobscot Root Stock Clubs,
Lot # 304 - Zoomorphic Penobscot Root Stock Clubs,
lot of 2, includes a club with moose head carved at root base, branches of roots form ears and horns with horns doubling as birds, fern imagery painted and chip-carved into shaft, base end with strip of bark, length 25"; AND a club with tips of roots painted crimson red attached to a gnarly base, tu... > Item Details
Mojave Beaded Yoke,
Lot # 568 - Mojave Beaded Yoke,
1890, net-stitched with Russian cobalt and white beads, loop-beaded fringe with Seated Liberty dimes ranging in date from 1875-1889 at bottom, length 9" x width 20". Akron Art Museum collection tag included. > Item Details
Northern Plains Beaded Umbilical Fetish,
Lot # 202 - Northern Plains Beaded Umbilical Fetish,
diamond-shaped and thread-sewn on hide in colors of light blues, pale yellow, red white heart, white, clear, pink, cobalt, deep purple, green, and faceted metal beads with deep purple beaded looped tassels on corners, backside half beaded, length 5" x width 1.75". Muslin cord sewn to fetish and wra... > Item Details
Important Early Zuñi Polychrome Jar,
Lot # 442 - Important Early Zuñi Polychrome Jar,
ca 1870, black and red-on-chalky white and potted with thick walls, steep sides, sharp shoulder and tall neck. Typical rain bird motif on body and hummingbirds feeding on flowers on shoulder, red bottom, height 4.25" x diameter 7.5". This jar was collected by Charles Devin Davis during his time emp... > Item Details
Cree Quilled Hide Coat,
Lot # 387 - Cree Quilled Hide Coat,
ca 1920. Fantastic image and superb craftsmanship make this a grand garment. White suede, with pinked edges on bottom and pocket flaps, is lavishly embellished with fine quillwork in a rainbow of Easter egg colors. The fringe across back and down sides has wrappings of these colorful quills. Fur... > Item Details
Santa Clara Black-on-Black Jar,
Lot # 96 - Santa Clara Black-on-Black Jar,
solidly potted with spherical base and long cylindrical neck. Stalactite shapes on neck and terraced geometrics with teardrops on body, height 6" x diameter 5". > Item Details
Elliptical Parfleche Case with American Flag Motif,
Lot # 728 - Elliptical Parfleche Case with American Flag Motif,
possibly Sioux. Painted with red and blue triangles and crisscrosses on front and large blue "X" on back. Mouth edges with red wool and enhanced with a canvas drawstring opening, short fringe along one edge of case, length 15" x width 7". > Item Details
Amazonian Decorated Canoe Paddle,
Lot # 349 - Amazonian Decorated Canoe Paddle,
single piece of wood with finely carved handle and ribbed blade, all in original black painted/ stained geometric decoration, with fine polished patina from use, length 60.5". > Item Details
Cree Beaded Hide Knife Sheath and Bone Handled Knife,
Lot # 385 - Cree Beaded Hide Knife Sheath and Bone Handled Knife,
thread-sewn with curvilinear beadwork in colors of faceted red, blue, pink, yellow, and metal and round opalescent and white seed beads. Sheath augmented with salvaged loom-woven quill worked bands of green, orange, purple, and white. Opening edged with red wool, long fringe along sides and cuff, ... > Item Details
Knife Made of Sheep Shears with Scabbard,
Lot # 224 - Knife Made of Sheep Shears with Scabbard,
made of filed sheep shear creating a double-edged blade, makers stamp on blade Combination Sheffield 71 England surrounding a 5-pointed star with US. Wooden grip has old museum accession number 37.42.13c, total length 11.15"; AND a two-piece leather scabbard with lower portion sewn with both leather... > Item Details
Sioux Quilled and Beaded Elk Dreamer Pouch,
Lot # 707 - Sioux Quilled and Beaded Elk Dreamer Pouch,
late 19th century, thread and sinew-sewn hide with geometric lanes of beadwork in greasy yellow, cobalt, red white heart, and pea green bordering a central red, purple, and white quilled image of an elk or bison head, with tufts of red wool tied down center. Bag backed with canvas, hide strap handl... > Item Details
Huron Moose Hair Eyeglass Case,
Lot # 275 - Huron Moose Hair Eyeglass Case,
embroidered in naturalistic floral design on birch bark with dyed moose hair, length 5.75" x width 1.8". > Item Details
Algonquian Birchbark Model Canoe,
Lot # 283 - Algonquian Birchbark Model Canoe,
with painted tan naturalistic design of bears strolling under scalloped clouds, 40.25". Canoes equipped with paddles. > Item Details
<i>Mona</i>, River or Thunder Katsina,
Lot # 504 - Mona, River or Thunder Katsina,
hand-carved and painted with triangular mouth and band across the forehead. Katsina carries a rattle, height w/o Plexiglas stand 10.5". Katsina retains tag marked "#117" indicating that it was part of the Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Miller collection; they owned the Los Angeles gallery, "49 Steps." > Item Details
Rio Grande/ Chimayo Germantown Weaving,
Lot # 532 - Rio Grande/ Chimayo Germantown Weaving,
finely woven wool with carefully outlined whole and halved serrated diamonds in cream, green, and black, bordered with bands of a long bifurcated rectangle slipped through three serrated diamonds, fringe on ends, length 79.5" x width 50.5". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Awl Case,
Lot # 254 - Sioux Beaded Hide Awl Case,
with salt and pepper beadwork wrapped around case. This alternates with bands of solid color creating a pleasing design. Case further decorated with wrapped quillwork and tin cones stuffed with remnants of dyed red feathers, length of case 8". Two beaded loops allow case to hang from belt. Case s... > Item Details
Sioux Man's Beaded Vest,
Lot # 635 - Sioux Man's Beaded Vest,
beaded on commercially tanned leather depicting lanes of colorful soil with corn plants emerging. Checked border surrounds entire design; jacquard fabric used for back. Vest closes with hidden button placket that is part of lining, chest 38". > Item Details
Great Lakes Beaded Pouch,
Lot # 776 - Great Lakes Beaded Pouch,
gourd-stitched in red, black, corn yellow, and cobalt blocks interspersed with white seed beads. Lined with red sateen, hide drawstring opening with edge-beading, looped fringe at bottom, length (including fringe) 7" x width 4". > Item Details
Jemez Nativity Set by Marie G. Romero,
Lot # 103 - Jemez Nativity Set by Marie G. Romero,
10 pieces, all red and black-on-natural. A magnificent set of Puebloan dressed figures looking to the sky. Figures include Joseph with outstretched arms, Mary, Baby Jesus in a cradleboard, three Wise men holding gifts, a shepherd and his goat, and two prayerful onlookers, all signed (except goat a... > Item Details
Navajo Ganado Rug,
Lot # 534 - Navajo Ganado Rug,
hand-spun wool woven of dark brown, cream, light brown, and two tones of aniline red. Interesting bold design consisting of outlined triangles and diamonds, length 100" x width 55.5". > Item Details
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