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Eskimo Model Kayak,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
sinew-sewn seal skin, stretched over wooden frame, with walrus ivory at both prows and ivory rigging, 23" long. Inked museum accession number 541.116.1 on underside.

One split in skin near prowl, VG-.
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Sioux Beaded Women's Gauntlets,
Lot # 198 - Sioux Beaded Women's Gauntlets,
thread-sewn on hide with beadwork on front of cuffs fully beaded, star on back of hand, and diamonds dotting fingers in colors of light blue, cobalt, red white heart, corn yellow, facetted metal, white, and green. Fringe on outside of cuffs, cotton lining, length 11.25". > Item Details
Mandan/ Hidatsa Quilled Man's Leggings,
Lot # 624 - Mandan/ Hidatsa Quilled Man's Leggings,
sinew-sewn hide with traces of yellow and red ocher. Quilled bison head underscored by bands of red, purple, yellow, blue, and white, fringe along sides, cuff wrapped with hide thong lacing, length 31.25". > Item Details
Group of Hopi Ceramics,
Lot # 482 - Group of Hopi Ceramics,
lot of 4. Includes a black and red-on-orange miniature jar with Sikyatki-style hatched wings revolving around vessel, signed "Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo/ 1974," height 2" x diameter 3"; PLUS a black and red-on-white miniature jar decorated with hooked wings and geometrics, signed by Marianne Navasi... > Item Details
<i>Cuatro Elegantes</i> by Amado Mauilio Peña, Jr.
Lot # 321 - Cuatro Elegantes by Amado Mauilio Peña, Jr.
Yaqui, 1985, 53/65, serigraph, titled and signed on bottom. Picture depicts two American Indians, doubling as sunbeams, looking over a butte formed of a weaving. A Mesa Verde-type and Acoma olla rest at the base of the butte, length (w/o frame) 9" x width 12", length 17.25" x width 19.75". Print ... > Item Details
Hopi Wicker Plaque and Basket,
Lot # 50 - Hopi Wicker Plaque and Basket,
lot of 2. Both are plain plaited with natural and aniline dyed fibers, one with a strong swirling design, diameter 12"; AND another with geometric cogged bands, height 4.5" x diameter 11". > Item Details
Hopi Maiden Katsina,
Lot # 119 - Hopi Maiden Katsina,
hand-carved with maiden hair whorls and miniature turquoise earrings, height 5.5". > Item Details
Southern Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 592 - Southern Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with lanes beaded in white, cobalt, red white heart, light blue, and greasy yellow, with bifurcated tongue edge-beaded in white. Short fringe on outer sides of vamps, twisted fringe on heel, red ocher between lanes of beadwork on vamps, length 9.25". > Item Details
A Menagerie of Puebloan Animals,
Lot # 104 - A Menagerie of Puebloan Animals,
lot of 6 adorable woodland creatures (reminds me of a scene out of Bambi!) including a tiny black and red-on-white Acoma parrot, signed "Acoma/ NM" on bottom, height 2" x length 3.25"; PLUS a red and black-on-white turkey signed "Lucy M. Lewis," height 1.5" x width 2", PLUS a Cochiti(?) squirrel, he... > Item Details
Pomo Feathered Basket,
Lot # 393 - Pomo Feathered Basket,
a finely coiled older basket, covered on the exterior with dark feathers, height 2" x 8.5". > Item Details
Hopi <i>Shalako</i> Katsina,
Lot # 490 - Hopi Shalako Katsina,
with elaborate tableta, corncob on forehead, and rainbow radiating from a point below a "U-shaped" red mouth, height w/o Plexiglas base 17.5". > Item Details
Northern Californian Basketry Sunhat,
Lot # 26 - Northern Californian Basketry Sunhat,
twined and decorated with dark full-twist overlay bands, height 5" x diameter 14.5". This is a rare form probably made for a tourist. > Item Details
Navajo Wide Ruins Weaving Signed by Martha Etsitty,
Lot # 133 - Navajo Wide Ruins Weaving Signed by Martha Etsitty,
tightly woven of hand-spun earth toned wool and designed with thin stripes and bands of feathers, woven signature in corner "M.E.," length 60" x width 31". > Item Details
Kiowa Boy's Beaded Hide Leggings,
Lot # 610 - Kiowa Boy's Beaded Hide Leggings,
with outstanding detail. Tiny beaded borders in colors of red, white, and blue with accents of pink trim the edges of the flaps and lower legs. Additional embellishments include small brass buttons, silver bead edging, horsehair tassels, and fine fringe. Beadwork sparkles against yellow ochre rub... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Pouches,
Lot # 245 - Sioux Beaded Pouches,
lot of 3, including a thread and sinew-sewn hide bag decorated with lazy-stitched beadwork on both sides in cobalt, light blue, translucent green, pea green, and red white heart, short fringe on sides, length 5.5" x width 4"; PLUS another sinew-sewn with light beadwork on one side in colors of red, ... > Item Details
Plateau  Man's Beaded Vest with Trade Mirrors,
Lot # 417 - Plateau Man's Beaded Vest with Trade Mirrors,
thread-sewn beadwork in colors of black, pink, yellow, and dark green on a vibrant blue ground. On the front stylized floral motifs stand out against the blue; on back green star motifs stand out against blue medallions. Trade mirrors stitched to green corduroy back and sides. Cotton fabric used ... > Item Details
<i>Feather Dancers</i> by Harrison Begay,
Lot # 312 - Feather Dancers by Harrison Begay,
lot of 2, acrylic, signed in English and Navajo on bottom. One painting depicts a dancing Navajo man, other a dancing Navajo woman, both unframed, length 12.75" x width 9.5". > Item Details
Mohawk Carved and Painted Cradle Board,
Lot # 763 - Mohawk Carved and Painted Cradle Board,
carved of basswood, Tilia americana, with steam-bent brow band, scalloped top edge, footrest, and hand-wrought nails. Carved and painted back depicts blue birds flying through a floral fantasyland bringing worms to their young chick, length 31" x width 11". > Item Details
Nez Perce Corn Husk Bags,
Lot # 413 - Nez Perce Corn Husk Bags,
lot of 3. Includes a handbag with coarse blue, red, purple, orange, green, and black yarn diamonds and hourglass designs, with commercial tanned hide straps and opening, length 6.5" x width 6.5"; PLUS a bag augmented with fuchsia, green, blue, and pink yarn in triangles and hourglass designs, thin h... > Item Details
Navajo Saddle Blankets,
Lot # 130 - Navajo Saddle Blankets,
lot of 2. Includes a hand-spun wool woven in alternating bands of red, brown, black, gray, and cream, corner ties, length 32" x width 34"; AND a blanket woven with gray bands separating multicolored, black, red, and cream lozenges, centermost lozenge with orange center, four corner ties, length 42.... > Item Details
Iroquois Quilled Birch Bark Wall Pocket,
Lot # 264 - Iroquois Quilled Birch Bark Wall Pocket,
fat scalloped border edged with sweetgrass and colorful floral motif, length 10.25" x width 4" x height 10.75". > Item Details
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