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Eskimo Model Kayak,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
sinew-sewn seal skin, stretched over wooden frame, with walrus ivory at both prows and ivory rigging, 23" long. Inked museum accession number 541.116.1 on underside.

One split in skin near prowl, VG-.
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Plateau Beaded Hide Belt Pouch,
Lot # 242 - Plateau Beaded Hide Belt Pouch,
thread-sewn with couched beadwork in red, light blue, dark blue, opalescent, and greens forming two blossoming flowers, edged with plaid cotton, two tick hide belt loops on back, length 5" x width 4.5". > Item Details
Acoma Jar,
Lot # 464 - Acoma Jar,
red and black-on-cream and potted with thin steep walls, pronounced shoulder, slightly restricted neck, and indented base. Three panels decorated with rain motifs of arched feathers with zigzags and hatching contained within, "$3.00/ Made in Acoma/ New Mexico" written in pencil at base, height 7.5"... > Item Details
Plains Smoke-Tanned Elk Hide Tunic,
Lot # 637 - Plains Smoke-Tanned Elk Hide Tunic,
simple, refined tunic made of thread-sewn hide with short fringe along sides and longer fringe at shoulder. Two black buttons and two hook and eyes at collar, pinked bottom, length 30" x width 21". > Item Details
Three Figured Totem by Eli Tait,
Lot # 367 - Three Figured Totem by Eli Tait,
carved and painted with figures of a raven, spread-winged eagle, and grinning fox, on back in pencil "Klan(?) Totem/ of/ Ketchikan/ Alaska," "EAJ," "Eli Tait/ ---/ Alaska," mounted on base, height 15" x width (of base) 5". > Item Details
Kiowa Girl's Full-Length Leggings and Moccasins,
Lot # 608 - Kiowa Girl's Full-Length Leggings and Moccasins,
ca 1900, thread and sinew-sewn hide. With lanes of lazy-stitched beadwork along cuffs of moccasins and on outer flap of leggings in colors of translucent red, white, pea green, pink, cobalt, and greasy yellow. Leggings and moccasins coated with yellow ochre, hide thong-tied closing flap on outside... > Item Details
Cheyenne Tube Pipe,
Lot # 217 - Cheyenne Tube Pipe,
leg bone heavily wrapped with sinew and has evidence of smoking, warm patina, length 6.5". Tag states this piece was from the Two Moons Family Collection. > Item Details
Fine 1899 Alaskan Cribbage Board,
Lot # 15 - Fine 1899 Alaskan Cribbage Board,
made of walrus tusk and exquisitely incised with numerous hunting scenes - a man hunting bear and a lounging walrus surrounded by circles illustrated on top of board. Bottom depicts kayaks laden with sealskin bags and men throwing harpoons at walruses and seals, "Alaske 1899" written on side, woode... > Item Details
Southern Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 614 - Southern Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn and rubbed with green or red ochre and beaded in colors of red, blue, and white. Heavy fringe attached to heel, length 10.5". > Item Details
Ute Man's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 415 - Ute Man's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn on buffalo hide with lane of beadwork around rawhide sole in translucent green and red against a white ground. Vamps beaded with triangular and rectangular designs in translucent red and green and light blue also against a white ground, bifurcated tongue, split cuff, hide tie, length 11.... > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Cloth Shoulder Strap and Panel,
Lot # 767 - Chippewa Beaded Cloth Shoulder Strap and Panel,
in the form of a bandoleer bag, thread-sewn on canvas and backed with blue calico and edged with brown wool tape. Tendrilous flowers and vines creep along shoulder straps and around false pouch in colors of pea green, translucent green, rose, pink, black, yellow, amber, light blue, cobalt, and maroo... > Item Details
Osage Painted Cradleboard with Brass Tacks,
Lot # 780 - Osage Painted Cradleboard with Brass Tacks,
carved of wood, with scored hourglass pattern painted red, jade-green, and yellow. Bentwood brow band attached with brass tacks. Back of board has inset wooden bars near head and foot, length 33.5" x width 9". > Item Details
Plains Bone Roach Spreader with Incised Outline,
Silver Buckles,
Lot # 164 - Silver Buckles,
lot of 3, Navajo, Mexican, and southwestern souvenir. Includes a handsome, hand-wrought silver Navajo buckle with a center turquoise stone, length 3" x width 1.8"; PLUS a Mexican buckle stamped "Hecho DP Plata 925" length 3.25" x 2.25"; AND a tourist buckle with synthetic turquoise thunderbird and f... > Item Details
Cherokee Basket,
Lot # 788 - Cherokee Basket,
of generous size and decorated with an overall diamond pattern. Basket is twilled plaited of river cane and with oak handle, length 15.75" x height 9" w/o handle. > Item Details
Blackfoot Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 601 - Blackfoot Beaded Hide Moccasins,
ca 1890, thread and sinew-sewn with decorations of bold florals on vamps in colors of red white heart, cobalt, light blues, pink, white, translucent red and green. High cuffs, hide ties, length 10". > Item Details
Miniature Walrus Ivory and Bone Painted Totem Poles,
Lot # 369 - Miniature Walrus Ivory and Bone Painted Totem Poles,
lot of 9. Great collection of tiny poles. Includes one signed in pencil on the reverse "Kicksette(?) Totems," height 6.2"; PLUS another signed "Chief Joseph Totem," length 6.25"; AND seven other poles ranging in size from 3" to 6.25". > Item Details
Apache Beaded Pouch,
Lot # 170 - Apache Beaded Pouch,
thread-sewn on soft hide with beadwork in colors of light and dark blue, white, translucent red, yellow, and green. With stepped diamond designs on both sides, multicolored edge-beading, long multicolored fringe at bottom, and blue-edge beading at opening, hide drawstring closure, length 7.25" x wi... > Item Details
Maori Carved Staff,
Lot # 347 - Maori Carved Staff,
beautifully carved wood with ancestral figure standing on a pedestal that rests on top another head, abalone inlaid eyes on both figures, length 20.75". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 190 - Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with checkerboard beadwork in colors of cobalt, green, and white, length 10.5". > Item Details
Navajo <i>Diyugi-Style</i> Blanket,
Lot # 551 - Navajo Diyugi-Style Blanket,
soft, fluffy hand-spun wool in cream, dark brown, and aniline red decorated with horizontal zigzags outlined by hourglasses and thin bands at edges, length 75" x width 55.5". > Item Details
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