Lot 18    

Eskimo Model Kayak,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
sinew-sewn seal skin, stretched over wooden frame, with walrus ivory at both prows and ivory rigging, 23" long. Inked museum accession number 541.116.1 on underside.

One split in skin near prowl, VG-.
Sold: $180.00
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Navajo Basket,
Lot # 54 - Navajo Basket,
coiled with dark triangular border and interior design, finely braided edge, and spirit break, height 4" x diameter 15". Basket retains original label and number. > Item Details
<i>Kakto</i>, Wood Carrying Katsina,
Lot # 517 - Kakto, Wood Carrying Katsina,
hand-caved and painted with simple case mask and log on head, height 8.5". > Item Details
Hopi Dough Bowl PLUS,
Lot # 481 - Hopi Dough Bowl PLUS,
lot of 3, red and black-on-creamy orange. Includes a dough bowl in Sikyatki-style and painted with wing and arrow imagery swirling around inside, height 3.5" x diameter 9.75"; PLUS a small bowl with thick walls and decorated with truncated wings around shoulder and three sets of four dots on rim, h... > Item Details
Northern California Baskets,
Lot # 405 - Northern California Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes a twined container with decorative half-twist zigzags and triangles, height 4.5" x diameter 5.75"; AND another larger container with decorative half-twist band with "punched-out" triangles placed above and below the broad band, height 5" x diameter 7". Both baskets retain their o... > Item Details
Navajo Pictorial Weaving,
Lot # 541 - Navajo Pictorial Weaving,
hand-spun wool woven in colors of browns, gray, cream, and aniline red. Central bands of feathers alternating with stylized arrows flanked on sides by a row of bundled "red tipped sticks," length 50" x width 36". > Item Details
Chakoptewa Seed Jar,
Lot # 484 - Chakoptewa Seed Jar,
black and red-on-creamy orange, in Sikyatki-style with curvilinear wing feathers and straight-lined tail feathers repeating around the wide flat neck, spirit line around shoulder, bottom signed "Chakoptewa" with of pictograph of a smoking pipe, height 7" x diameter 17". Chakoptewa is an alias for an... > Item Details
Apache Awl Case,
Lot # 572 - Apache Awl Case,
ca 1880, thread-sewn tanned hide with lanes of beadwork in blues, white, red white heart, and greasy yellow. Three bands of tin cone fringe under beaded lanes. Case terminates with a long, beaded "keyhole" shaped drop, tin cone fringe at bottom. Red, white, and blue edge-beading, hide tie at opening... > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Leggings,
Lot # 628 - Cheyenne Beaded Leggings,
ca 1890. Traditional navy wool leggings, each with exposed white selvage and each with a sinew-sewn beaded leather strip. White beadwork filled with cobalt blue beaded "tipis," having a medium blue window outlined with red beads, length along white selvage, 36". Leggings closed with machine stitch... > Item Details
Northern Plains Beaded Hide Watchcase and Beaded Tie,
Lot # 244 - Northern Plains Beaded Hide Watchcase and Beaded Tie,
Includes medallion pouch with beaded front in colors of blue, red, greasy yellow, black, baby blue, black, jade green, and white, diameter 4". Brass bells tied to front of pouch. AND miniature tie beaded in colors of red-orange, royal blue, black, marcasite, and lime green. Tie extends into lengthy ... > Item Details
Cheyenne/Arapahoe Porcupine Beaded Hair Brush,
Lot # 641 - Cheyenne/Arapahoe Porcupine Beaded Hair Brush,
with one side beaded in bands of alternating cobalt, white, pink, and blue, circular brass loop at top, porcupine quills on underside, length 8.25". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Cuffs with American Flags,
Lot # 203 - Sioux Beaded Cuffs with American Flags,
thread and sinew-sewn on hide in colors of red, cobalt, light blue, white, translucent green and pink, and greasy yellow. With central star and two American flags surrounded by flowers, fringe on sides, lined with hide, length 7". > Item Details
Makah Basketry Bottle,
Lot # 355 - Makah Basketry Bottle,
superbly twined and decorated with concentric bands, height 6.5" x diameter 5.25". > Item Details
Sioux Stone Club,
Lot # 660 - Sioux Stone Club,
double-headed stone hafted to shaft with hide, banded beadwork in light blue, greasy yellow, amber, translucent green, and cobalt on shaft and around stone, length 25". > Item Details
<i>Onigum 1923</i> by WPA Artist Glen Allison Ranney,
Lot # 334 - Onigum 1923 by WPA Artist Glen Allison Ranney,
(1896 - 1959), oil on canvas, signed and dated in upper right. This haunting and stark portrait of an Ojibwa man illustrates the cultural transition of life on the plains to life on the reservation, length (w/ frame) 23" x width 20". Onigum, Minnesota was home to the first Indian agency establishe... > Item Details
Trade Belt Axe Found in Ohio,
Lot # 303 - Trade Belt Axe Found in Ohio,
ca 1760-1800, wrought iron with steel bit, tear drop eye, total length 5.25" x width 2". Mounted on an old, but not original hickory handle, total length 13.15". > Item Details
Athapaskan Quilled Tumpline,
Lot # 386 - Athapaskan Quilled Tumpline,
ca 1880s, extraordinarily quilled with tiny red, purple, white, and green stitches. Design consists of a repeating stepped diamond bisected by block of squares, edged with white beads and backed with hide, length 31.25". > Item Details
Prairie Otter Fur Turban,
Lot # 778 - Prairie Otter Fur Turban,
first quarter 20th c., with nine rosettes of orange, violet, yellow, and jade-green pieces of grosgrain ribbon. Each rosette held in place with a multi-colored beaded medallion. Top edge trimmed with loom beadwork and edge of drop with cobalt and white beads, length of drop w/o silk ribbon tassel ... > Item Details
Sterling Box with Zuni Knife Wing God,
Lot # 560 - Sterling Box with Zuni Knife Wing God,
probably ca 1940. Box is beautifully crafted with exquisite inlay detail in a variety of stones set in saw tooth bezels and with fine stamping around lid, stamped "sterling" and with hallmark of a "thunderbird" with "X" in its center, length 4.5" x width 3.5". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Pouches,
Lot # 239 - Sioux Beaded Hide Pouches,
lot of 2. Includes a pouch covered with quillwork and with tin cones on lower edge and on flap, length 3.5" x width 2.75"; AND a tab pouch with sinew-sewn beadwork in colors of red, pink, and blue, length 6". > Item Details
Indian War Club with Wrought Blade,
Lot # 746 - Indian War Club with Wrought Blade,
ca mid-late 18th century, blade similar to those used in Eastern Woodlands gunstock war clubs (see Peterson 1971: fig. 21). Triangular blade with rectangular notches where tang enters wood haft, set in a burl wood haft, blade length 4.7", total length 11.5". Includes a printed and typed museum tag t... > Item Details
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