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Wooden Handled Patch Knife Made From File,
2005, Historic Americana / Nov 16, 17 & 18
with 3.25" single edge blade with false edge, lead ferrule and single piece faceted hardwood grip, all with nice mellow patina, total length 6.75".

Ex James and Carolyn Dresslar Collection

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Group of Large Format Buffalo Bill Photographs,
Lot # 1073 - Group of Large Format Buffalo Bill Photographs,
lot of 6, all early silver prints taken in New Britain, Conn., ca 1912-14, 4.5" x 6.5" on heavy card stock, 8" x 10", includes one with Cody in open carriage, one with mounted Native Americans and Cavalry, two with circus wagons (likely Sells-Floto), stage coach and more. > Item Details
Identified Civil War Officer's Baldric, 2nd Illinois Artillery,
Lot # 150 - Identified Civil War Officer's Baldric, 2nd Illinois Artillery,
a rare American accoutrement being a leather officer's dress cartridge box with wide shoulder strap. Oral provenance relates that this belonged to Captain George Gumbart, Battery E., 2nd Illinois Light Artillery. Worn as an insignia of rank, this is a small, high quality baldric with false-embroider... > Item Details
* Colt 22 Caliber Semi-Automatic Revolver,
Lot # 663 - * Colt 22 Caliber Semi-Automatic Revolver,
22 caliber, serial number 2242K cased in a wooden box with Colt logo. One of the two revolvers is missing. Nickel finish with wood grips. Colt rampant lion embossed on the receiver. > Item Details
Winchester Model 1866 Musket,
Lot # 395 - Winchester Model 1866 Musket,
44 rimfire caliber, serial number 31589. Barrel length is 27". This is a third model with a brass frame, brass buttplate, walnut stock. Barrel, magazine, tube, loading gate all with blue finish. Hammer, lever and trigger with case hardened finish complete with a Henry rear sight. > Item Details
Two U.S. Martial Powder Flasks,
Lot # 7 - Two U.S. Martial Powder Flasks,
first is an early Peace Flask. Second lot is a Navy flask complete with a fouled anchor and dated 1845 with maker's mark Stimpson with inspector's initial's OHP on the body of the flask. > Item Details
Sixth Plate Ambrotype of New Hampshire Private,
Lot # 1359 - Sixth Plate Ambrotype of New Hampshire Private,
backed by printed orange advertising card indicating the photographer as “M.S. Lamprey’s” on Elm St. in Manchester. A fine portrait of an elderly private with chin whiskers looking rather elfish underneath the ubiquitous New Hampshire soft-crowned “deerstalker” cap known to have been worn by the st... > Item Details
ID'd Vest of Bvt. Brig. Gen. Alexander C. McClurg, 88th Illinois,
Lot # 249 - ID'd Vest of Bvt. Brig. Gen. Alexander C. McClurg, 88th Illinois,
a small-sized buff colored wool vest in classic military pattern with standing collar and nine matching small staff button down the front affixed with removable brass rings. Three pockets in front. Buff silk lining and back are in EXC. condition with a belt and adjusting buckle in back, as well as... > Item Details
Ten Gauge Signal Cannon,
Lot # 156 - Ten Gauge Signal Cannon,
set on mahogany naval deck gun carriage with wheels with polished steel 10 gauge barrel stamped 10 GA. Blank270, 16" long with spring loaded firing pin at rear, total length on carriage, 18.5". This gun was used by Admiral Richard Blackburn Black on his private wood hulled 18th century style schoone... > Item Details
Fine Bone-handled Dirk
Lot # 81 - Fine Bone-handled Dirk
with 5" unmarked tapered double edged steel blade, cast brass scroll work guard and hexagonal single piece bone grip with great old polished patina and domed brass end cap, total length 9". > Item Details
Greene Breech-Loading Rifle w/Bayonet,
Lot # 183 - Greene Breech-Loading Rifle w/Bayonet,
serial number 3638 (under bolt), cal. .53 oval bore, 35" barrel, 53.5" total length. Clear markings on wrist: Greene's Patent/Nov. 17, 1857. Original cleaning rod, swivels and rear sight. The Greene was the first bolt action rifle adopted by the U.S. with 1,500 being purchased by the government. It ... > Item Details
Fine Group of 42nd OVI CDVs,
Lot # 1295 - Fine Group of 42nd OVI CDVs,
comprising 33 cartes, 16 officers and 17 enlisted men, all but one identified in period ink or pencil. The majority of photographs were probably taken in January 1864 but nothing else is known about the history of the collection and they are now loose, no album remains. The 42nd OVI was Colonel Ja... > Item Details
<i>W.E. Hook</i> Cabinet Card of Rain-in-the-Face, Sioux Chief,
Lot # 834 - W.E. Hook Cabinet Card of Rain-in-the-Face, Sioux Chief,
from Of American Scenery from Ocean to Ocean series, 1/2 length image in full feathered headdress with ermine fur tassels, imprint along top margin. Framed, 7.5" x 10". > Item Details
M1873 Springfield Carbine with Custer Range Serial Number,
Lot # 400 - M1873 Springfield Carbine with Custer Range Serial Number,
first model, with 45-70 caliber 22" round barrel with standing front and adjustable rear sight, marked on breech Model/1873 over eagle head and crossed arrows and US, serial number 16116, lock marked with U.S. shield-breasted spread-winged eagle and US/Springfield/1873 in front of hammer. Steel trig... > Item Details
U.S. Model 1898 Krag Carbine,
Lot # 492 - U.S. Model 1898 Krag Carbine,
30-40 caliber, serial number 128997 Total production 5,000. Proper serial number range of 1898 Krag carbines observed are between 104,000 - 132,000. The 1898 is a great rarity to the collector of Springfield Carbines. > Item Details
Edward S. Godfrey's 7th Cavalry Presentation Sword,
Lot # 808 - Edward S. Godfrey's 7th Cavalry Presentation Sword,
Model 1872 Officer's Grade II Presentation sword made by Pettibone and Brothers of Cincinnati. Complete with original chamois leather protective case. Nickel-plated blade with martial acid-etched engravings, and presentation inscription etched in a blued panel with gilt lettering Presented to Major... > Item Details
Fine English 1848 <i>Barnett</i> Indian Flintlock Trade Musket,
Lot # 35 - Fine English 1848 Barnett Indian Flintlock Trade Musket,
with ca 60 caliber 36" round to octagonal barrel with standing front sight, stamped on left side with crowned E & V and TI with star above and V below, marked Barett/1848 behind hammer and with cartouche with seated fox and EB in front of hammer, effigy cast brass back plate in form of serpent, iron... > Item Details
Stereograph of Custer Camp in the Black Hills,
Lot # 732 - Stereograph of Custer Camp in the Black Hills,
from the series "Stereographs of the Black Hills" by W.H.Illingworth. Regular sized yellow mount, with list of 55 views in the series printed on verso. This No. 846 "Permanent Camp in Agnes' Park." Illingworth, of St. Paul, produced the only photographic record of this expedition, which discovered ... > Item Details
<i>Al-Vista Panoramic</i> Box Camera,
Lot # 1588 - Al-Vista Panoramic Box Camera,
worn oil cloth covered wooden box type camera with lens mounting marked 8535, nickel plate on back read Al-Vista Panoramic Camera/The Multiscope & Film Co./Burlington Wis. U.S.A./Pat. Sept. 8 1896, April 2 1901/Forewign Pats. Granted, with leather strap handle and ball type level on top, 13" x 7" x ... > Item Details
Frank James Autographed Letter,
Lot # 988 - Frank James Autographed Letter,
lot of 2, includes an ms penciled letter sheet on lined paper post marked Oct. 2nd, 1909, written by Frank James and dated Sept 27th, 1909, Memphis Tenn. The letter is written to Professor Jed Blackmore and expresses Frank's desire to take up his offer to appear at his traveling show, as long as he... > Item Details
Two Utah Territory CDV's,
Lot # 1021 - Two Utah Territory CDV's,
includes one with Carter, Salt Lake City, U.T. backmarks, with wagon train attempting to navigate around a beaver pond, which has partially submerged the trail with pencil inscription on rear Beaver Dam/Echo; AND an anonymous photograph of large ranch compound with period inked inscription on rear E... > Item Details
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