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Polar Bear Stuffed Toy,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
hand-made of animal fur, probably polar bear, with hand-embroidered features, length 10" x height 6".

Very good, simply general wear.
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Southeastern Beaded Pouch,
Lot # 790 - Southeastern Beaded Pouch,
black velveteen drawstring pouch with appliquéd stylized flowers beaded in light blue, rose, purple, greasy yellow, and translucent green all outlined in white, length 9.5" x width 7.5". > Item Details
Algonquian Stamped Tray with Handles,
Lot # 259 - Algonquian Stamped Tray with Handles,
plaited of thin and wide wood splints, upper and lower borders stamped with red and green strawberries on yellow painted spaces, length 17.5" x width 12" x height 6". > Item Details
Important Early Zuñi Polychrome Jar,
Lot # 442 - Important Early Zuñi Polychrome Jar,
ca 1870, black and red-on-chalky white and potted with thick walls, steep sides, sharp shoulder and tall neck. Typical rain bird motif on body and hummingbirds feeding on flowers on shoulder, red bottom, height 4.25" x diameter 7.5". This jar was collected by Charles Devin Davis during his time emp... > Item Details
Original Acrylics by Harrison Begay,
Lot # 311 - Original Acrylics by Harrison Begay,
lot of 2, signed on bottom in English and Navajo. Depicting a deer and rabbit running under a raining and rainbowed sky, inscription on back "Original Acrylic color/ Traditional Native American Painting/ Spotted youngster and cotton tail racing around after a good rainfall/ By Harrison Begay Navajo... > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Cloth Shoulder Strap and Panel,
Lot # 767 - Chippewa Beaded Cloth Shoulder Strap and Panel,
in the form of a bandoleer bag, thread-sewn on canvas and backed with blue calico and edged with brown wool tape. Tendrilous flowers and vines creep along shoulder straps and around false pouch in colors of pea green, translucent green, rose, pink, black, yellow, amber, light blue, cobalt, and maroo... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Case and Knife,
Lot # 665 - Sioux Beaded Hide Case and Knife,
ca 1870, sinew-sewn buffalo hide with rawhide lining. Front of case beaded with tipi and rectangular designs in greasy yellow, red white heart, and cobalt, against a light blue ground and with back beaded in four lanes of red, cobalt, and greasy yellow. Opening edge-beaded, tin cone drops, one wit... > Item Details
<i>Qoia</i>, Old Type Navajo Katsina,
Lot # 492 - Qoia, Old Type Navajo Katsina,
hand-carved and painted with a green case mask, and inverted "V" of red, black and yellow over tube mouth, height w/o Plexiglas stand 11.25". Katsina retains tag marked "#17" indicating that it was part of the Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Miller collection; they owned the Los Angeles gallery, "49 Steps."... > Item Details
Single-Horned Katsina,
Lot # 522 - Single-Horned Katsina,
with white case mask, horn on one side of head, ear with corncob on other. Tube mouth, rectangular eyes, yellow, and red stripe down center of face. He wears a triangular painted necklace, body painted half red, half yellow, arms close to body, height 9.5". > Item Details
Silkscreens by Harrison Begay,
Lot # 327 - Silkscreens by Harrison Begay,
lot of 2, including Navajo Kachina and Navajo Night Dance Clown, length (w/ frame) 11" x width 10". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Bag,
Lot # 243 - Sioux Beaded Bag,
thread-sewn hide with nested squares emitting prongs lazy-stitched in cobalt, red white heart, and greasy yellow all against a white ground. Fringe along bottom, thin edge-beaded handle, length (including fringe) 8.5" x width 5.5". > Item Details
Huron Moose Hair Birch Bark Cigarette Case,
Lot # 274 - Huron Moose Hair Birch Bark Cigarette Case,
finely embroidered on both sides with charming realistic hunting scenes and a large eagle, length 5.25" x width 3". Bottom edge of case bound with brown wool braid. > Item Details
<i>Powamui</i>, Hair Knot Katsina,
Lot # 508 - Powamui, Hair Knot Katsina,
hand-carved and painted with a white face mask and female hairstyle. She probably has bowl with water in her hands, height w/o Plexiglas 8.5". > Item Details
Double Horn Club,
Lot # 225 - Double Horn Club,
two mountain sheep horns wrapped at center with faded pinked orange wool. Wooden handle wrapped of fat pinked navy wool, length 37" x width 16.5". > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 543 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
ca 1930, woven of hand-spun wool in colors of dark brown, light browns, cream, and aniline red. Designed with two whole and two halved terraced diamonds containing squash blossom, length 63.5" x width 46". > Item Details
Northeastern California Basket Bowl,
Lot # 403 - Northeastern California Basket Bowl,
twined with full-twist overlay in all-over pattern of twenty-five diamonds with feet, height 5.25" x diameter 9.5". Pattern continues onto under side of basket. > Item Details
Hand-Colored Lithographs from the United States Pacific Rail Road Survey,
Lot # 336 - Hand-Colored Lithographs from the United States Pacific Rail Road Survey,
lot of 2, each 9" x 11" print matted with new gilt frames, 11.75" x 14.75". Includes a lithograph entitled Mojave Indians depicting two men and one woman with distinctive body paint, marked along upper margin U.S.P.R.R. Exp. Surveys 35th Parallel and Indian Report, along lower corners H.B. Mollhaus... > Item Details
Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board,
Lot # 16 - Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board,
ca early 20th century, front engraved with a seal, house and clothesline, opposite depicts an attenuated view of Nome, Alaska, "NOME" written in river, ivory peg foot, length 13" x width (at widest) 1.5". > Item Details
Plains Stone Head Club,
Lot # 661 - Plains Stone Head Club,
sinew-sewn rawhide-wrapped haft with leather loop securing stone head. Handle with two bands of beaded leather and with hanging, beaded and fringed, leather flap, length with tassels, 26.25". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hair Drop,
Lot # 647 - Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hair Drop,
sinew-sewn on rawhide with beadwork forming bands and crosses in pea green, white, cobalt, and faceted metal against a red white heart ground. Red quilled hide drops terminating with tin cones and red chicken feathers hang from bottom. Long lock of blond horse also hangs from bottom. Tin cones an... > Item Details
Navajo <i>Diyugi-Style</i> Blanket,
Lot # 551 - Navajo Diyugi-Style Blanket,
soft, fluffy hand-spun wool in cream, dark brown, and aniline red decorated with horizontal zigzags outlined by hourglasses and thin bands at edges, length 75" x width 55.5". > Item Details
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