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Polar Bear Stuffed Toy,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
hand-made of animal fur, probably polar bear, with hand-embroidered features, length 10" x height 6".

Very good, simply general wear.
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Hopi Ladles with Katsina Images,
Lot # 440 - Hopi Ladles with Katsina Images,
lot of 2, ca 1870-80, black and red-on-white. Includes a ladle with the image of Puchkofmoktaqa or Scorpion Katsina. He is depicted with slit eyes, warrior marks on cheeks, and dotted antennae, height 1.5" x diameter 4.25". AND a ladle with interior painting of Qöqlö (Fewkes 1973: 178). She is depic... > Item Details
Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 180 - Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with salt and pepper beadwork and central greasy yellow cross with red center on vamps, lane of light blue with right triangles around sole, length 6.5". > Item Details
Unique Navajo Transitional Weaving,
Lot # 546 - Unique Navajo Transitional Weaving,
soft hand-spun wool woven with an unusual pallet of pale pink, beige, orange, and navy against a pale green ground. Solid bands separate rows of outlined rectangles, stepped terraces, and triangles, four corner ties, length 77 x width 55.5". > Item Details
Wrought Steel Buffalo Lance,
Lot # 670 - Wrought Steel Buffalo Lance,
beautiful double-edged, hand-forged steel blade, blade length 11.5", total length 16.8". > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Moccasins,
Lot # 178 - Plateau Beaded Moccasins,
thread-sewn hide beaded with a large, bold, stylized floral design on vamps in greasy yellow, translucent green, pink, pea green, light blue, and red white heart, high cuff, hide ties, length 10". > Item Details
Early Trade Items,
Lot # 302 - Early Trade Items,
lot of 2, ca 18th century. Includes a cross, possibly Catholic, constructed of tubular brass, height 2.75"; AND a heavily patinated copper trade bracelet, opening .75". Freeman Mooney served under Washington in the Revolutionary War. His grandson, Osborne, was born in Miami County, Ohio in 1827, a... > Item Details
Navajo Dolls,
Lot # 105 - Navajo Dolls,
lot of 3. Darling dolls, a fella and two gals, all with painted faces, stamped aluminum and tin concha belts and buttons. Includes one gal wearing black velvet blouse, cream taffeta skirt with two petticoats, turquoise necklace with Hubbell trade beads, and silver ornament in her hair, height 13.7... > Item Details
Sioux Quilled and Beaded Elk Dreamer Pouch,
Lot # 707 - Sioux Quilled and Beaded Elk Dreamer Pouch,
late 19th century, thread and sinew-sewn hide with geometric lanes of beadwork in greasy yellow, cobalt, red white heart, and pea green bordering a central red, purple, and white quilled image of an elk or bison head, with tufts of red wool tied down center. Bag backed with canvas, hide strap handl... > Item Details
Plains  Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 598 - Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins,
thread and sinew-sewn with couched beadwork forming abstract curvilinear floral motifs on vamps in colors of pea green, cobalt, red white heart, light blue, and yellow, with white outlining. Long, thin tongue, length 10". > Item Details
Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowls,
Lot # 232 - Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowls,
lot of 2, both "T-shaped." Includes a faceted example length 4.75" x height 3.2"; AND the second with tapering round profile, length 4.75" x height 2.85". > Item Details
<i>Wakas</i>, Cow Katsina,
Lot # 512 - Wakas, Cow Katsina,
hand-carved and painted to resemble a cow, great realistic cow snout, height 10.3". > Item Details
Cochiti Drum with Traditional Painting,
Lot # 580 - Cochiti Drum with Traditional Painting,
with wrapped leather handle, height 7" x diameter 8". > Item Details
Eastern Woodlands Footed and Lidded Basket,
Lot # 273 - Eastern Woodlands Footed and Lidded Basket,
plaited and fully embellished with tiny porcupine twists, some tinted a blue-black color, height 9" x diameter 11.5". > Item Details
Early Zuni Polychrome Bowl,
Lot # 447 - Early Zuni Polychrome Bowl,
ca 1890, red and black-on-chalky white. Of unusual form with bowl-like body, weak shoulder, and squared rim. Inside decorated with mirror images of coils outlined by squared-off lines and connected with stepped terraces and hatched triangles. Elongated triangular lines decorate outside of bowl, spir... > Item Details
Acoma Vessels from the Chino Family,
Lot # 471 - Acoma Vessels from the Chino Family,
lot of 4. Includes a miniature olla with blocks of busy interlocking triangles alternating with stacked triangles and semi-circular bug-like images, signed "G. Chino/ Acoma/ NM," height 2.5" x diameter 3"; PLUS a miniature vase with two openings and similar busy interlocking geometric devices encir... > Item Details
Plateau Corn Husk Bag,
Lot # 410 - Plateau Corn Husk Bag,
finely twined, consisting of geometric Germantown yarn motifs on front and a different group of serrated diamonds on back, leather handles, and leather binding on top edge, length 15.5" x width 11.5". > Item Details
Tohono O'odham Baskets,
Lot # 60 - Tohono O'odham Baskets,
lot 3. Includes a small basket with devil's claw geometric motif, height 2.75" x diameter 5.3"; PLUS another with devil's claw motif and wrapped rim, height 2.75" x 6.5"; AND another with spaced-out, devil's claw tree motifs separated by stacked ovals, height 4.5" x diameter 8.5". The last has a ha... > Item Details
Crow Beaded Wool Leggings,
Lot # 627 - Crow Beaded Wool Leggings,
thread-sewn on blue and red trade cloth. Delicate lanes of beadwork in line green, pale blue, dark blue, white, and opalescent, light blue edge-beading, hide ties along leg, length 32.25". > Item Details
Woodlands Wall Pocket and Basket,
Lot # 280 - Woodlands Wall Pocket and Basket,
lot of 2. Includes a plaited wood-splint pocket with stepped upper extension and a strap extension, length 13.5" x width 4.75" x height 10.75". Basket painted a tan/ cream color, extension sea-foam green; AND a small plaited container with handles and porcupine twist decoration, length 6.5" x width... > Item Details
Northern Plains Bone and Elk Tooth Necklace,
Lot # 214 - Northern Plains Bone and Elk Tooth Necklace,
necklace strung on leather with sixteen long bone beads and numerous disc spacers from which hang two highly-prized elk teeth, length 26.5". > Item Details
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