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Polar Bear Stuffed Toy,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
hand-made of animal fur, probably polar bear, with hand-embroidered features, length 10" x height 6".

Very good, simply general wear.
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Maple Gunstock Club,
Lot # 743 - Maple Gunstock Club,
with wrought steel 4.75" long x 1.65" wide double edged blade with rectangular notches just in front of tang, set into the handle which has barbell cutouts above and below the blade and saw tooth terminal at grip end with small drilled hole for wrist thong, total length 31.5". > Item Details
Crow Buffalo Hide Parfleche,
Lot # 722 - Crow Buffalo Hide Parfleche,
ca 1860-1870, with large, bold, connecting diamonds in colors of green, red, and yellow all outlined in blue, hide closing tie, length 27.25" x width 11". > Item Details
Eastern Woodlands Quilled Lidded Boxes,
Lot # 277 - Eastern Woodlands Quilled Lidded Boxes,
lot of 2. Includes a Micmac box in shades of cream and brown with star motif on lid and zigzag pattern around body, height 4" x diameter 5.25"; AND a multicolored quilled box with a peacock on the cover and a multicolored diagonal and vertical pattern on body, height 3.25" x diameter 6.75". > Item Details
Plains Smoke-Tanned Elk Hide Tunic,
Lot # 637 - Plains Smoke-Tanned Elk Hide Tunic,
simple, refined tunic made of thread-sewn hide with short fringe along sides and longer fringe at shoulder. Two black buttons and two hook and eyes at collar, pinked bottom, length 30" x width 21". > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Bag,
Lot # 777 - Iroquois Beaded Bag,
thread-sewn on red wool with beadwork in colors of white, light and dark blue, dark green, black, lime green, and pale yellow creating spoked wheels surrounded by diamonds and forked lines, total length (open) 10" x width 5.75". > Item Details
San Ildefonso Blue Corn Bowl,
Lot # 476 - San Ildefonso Blue Corn Bowl,
glossy black-on-matte vessels including a globular jar depicting a toothy Avanyu with large sharp tongue, winding around shoulder under rain clouds, signed "Blue Corn/ San Ildefonso/ Pueblo," height 2.25" x diameter 4.5". > Item Details
Hopi Baskets,
Lot # 437 - Hopi Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes a large upright coiled container with dyed fiber katsina designs and stepped zigzag border, height 10.25" x diameter 10"; AND a large plaque with hanger and butterfly maiden design in dyed yucca, diameter 13.75". Both baskets retain original labels. > Item Details
Plains Roach,
Lot # 206 - Plains Roach,
constructed of the hair of a whitetail deer and porcupine guard hair. Rows of tied hair sewn together for the base, length of base 15.25". Roach has chinstrap and roach spreader tie. > Item Details
Hickory Handled Knife,
Lot # 752 - Hickory Handled Knife,
with double-edged steel file blade, "S-shape" wrought guard with hickory grip, steel ferrule, blade length 6"; total length 10.3". Includes printed and typed card reading Indian Knife from Schoenbrun Village...William G. Yannone, Canton, Ohio, and on rear I purchased this knife from Bill at one of t... > Item Details
Cree Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 700 - Cree Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
thread-sewn with floral beadwork in cobalt, blue, pink, rose, and pea green against a white ground. Opposite side beaded in black, blue, translucent green, pea green, and cobalt with curving, fruit-laden vines, edge-beaded with pink, long, soft fringe, length 30". > Item Details
Sioux Woman's Beaded Hide Leggings,
Lot # 625 - Sioux Woman's Beaded Hide Leggings,
thread and sinew-sewn and lazy-stitched in colors of lime green, white, cobalt, faceted metal, and red white heart seed beads against a light blue ground. Forked designs, horse tracks, and triangular stepped "mountains" decorate leggings (Hail 1980: 56). Upper portion canvas, length 12". Akron Ar... > Item Details
Blackfoot Awl Case and Awl,
Lot # 253 - Blackfoot Awl Case and Awl,
thread-sewn rawhide wrapped with pink, cobalt, red white heart, and corn yellow beadwork, singe hide fringe beaded in large brass and black beads, length (excluding fringe) 10.5". Bone awl with file marking at top, hole through center, and three bands of incised cross-hatching, length 6.25". > Item Details
Paiute Beaded Basket,
Lot # 42 - Paiute Beaded Basket,
coiled and covered with orange, blue, and green beads on a white ground. Stepped triangles swirl from center bottom and rotate around basket to upper rim, height 2.5" x 4". > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 591 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with delicate designs of tipis beaded in red, cobalt, light blue, and corn yellow against a white ground, white edge-beading, beaded tongue, hide ties, length 11.25". > Item Details
Chippewa Pictorial Sash,
Lot # 772 - Chippewa Pictorial Sash,
loom-beaded in colors of corn yellow, pink, light blue, translucent green, and red, against a white ground. Maple leaves border a central row of crisscrosses, red braided yarn fringe at ends, total length 67.5". > Item Details
Nootka Painted Basketry Hat,
Lot # 350 - Nootka Painted Basketry Hat,
expertly twined in the form of a chapeaux, complete with inner hatband woven into brim. Six colorful bands, typical of the Nootka, are visible on the inside and barely visible on the exterior. Body of this rare form of hat painted with two Northwest Coast faces in colors of red, blue, green, and b... > Item Details
Great Lakes Hudson Bay Sash,
Lot # 758 - Great Lakes Hudson Bay Sash,
in the Assumption style with zigzag designs in colors of navy, green, yellow, and white against a red ground, knotted and twisted long fringe at ends, length (including fringe) 118". > Item Details
<i>Homsona</i> Katsina,
Lot # 530 - Homsona Katsina,
a runner hand-carved and painted in First Mesa style. Black case mask with red and yellow stripes on forehead, called "He Cuts Your Hair," height 9". Katsina retains an original label describing him. > Item Details
<i>Mosairu</i> and <i>Tawa</i> Katsinas,
Lot # 120 - Mosairu and Tawa Katsinas,
lot of 2. Both hand-carved animated figures with painted bodies, kilts, and leather thongs with shells. Includes a buffalo with eyes bulging from a fur case mask and very toothy snout, height (w/o feathers) 21"; AND a sun face katsina with sun disc set into fur mask and yucca whips in hands, heigh... > Item Details
Large Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board,
Lot # 14 - Large Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board,
beautifully engraved with images of a stored umiak, igloo, and meat drying rack on top, resting walrus, seal, polar bear, whale, caribou, and foxes decorate side, and fishing implements such as a bow drill, knives, weights, harpoon points, sealskin bag, and a boat on opposite, with two playing pegs ... > Item Details
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