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Eskimo Male Doll with Carved Wooden Face,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
and cloth body wears a skin parka with fur trim, wool leggings, and suede moccasins. Parka is hand-stitched, but pants are machine-stitched. Facial features appear to be applied with ink. Doll's undershirt made from an old sock, height 13.75".

Good, but insect damage to pants and parka.
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Elliptical Parfleche Case with American Flag Motif,
Lot # 728 - Elliptical Parfleche Case with American Flag Motif,
possibly Sioux. Painted with red and blue triangles and crisscrosses on front and large blue "X" on back. Mouth edges with red wool and enhanced with a canvas drawstring opening, short fringe along one edge of case, length 15" x width 7". > Item Details
<i>Feather Dancers</i> by Harrison Begay,
Lot # 312 - Feather Dancers by Harrison Begay,
lot of 2, acrylic, signed in English and Navajo on bottom. One painting depicts a dancing Navajo man, other a dancing Navajo woman, both unframed, length 12.75" x width 9.5". > Item Details
Sioux Quilled and Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 696 - Sioux Quilled and Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
sinew-sewn with traces of yellow ocher on hide. Beaded with three lanes of cobalt, white, red white heart, green, light blue, and greasy yellow along both sides of neck in designs of crosses, possibly alluding to the four directions, and "filled up" devices -- rectangles with squares in center (Hai... > Item Details
Navajo Ganado Rug,
Lot # 534 - Navajo Ganado Rug,
hand-spun wool woven of dark brown, cream, light brown, and two tones of aniline red. Interesting bold design consisting of outlined triangles and diamonds, length 100" x width 55.5". > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Flat Bag with American Flag,
Lot # 407 - Plateau Beaded Flat Bag with American Flag,
ca 1930-1940, with beadwork in colors of red white heart, yellow, white, and cobalt depicting an exquisite 48-star flag blowing in the wind, faceted blue and red beads provides a sparkling effect. Brass stamped beads edge back and front of bag, dark blue wool back and red wool lining, length 8.75" ... > Item Details
Northern California Baskets,
Lot # 405 - Northern California Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes a twined container with decorative half-twist zigzags and triangles, height 4.5" x diameter 5.75"; AND another larger container with decorative half-twist band with "punched-out" triangles placed above and below the broad band, height 5" x diameter 7". Both baskets retain their o... > Item Details
Plains Stone Head Club,
Lot # 663 - Plains Stone Head Club,
handle wrapped with sinew-sewn hide, stone head hafted with rawhide, strand of beads wrap around handle, band of red horsehair tied at end, length 15.5". > Item Details
Great Lakes Beaded Pouch,
Lot # 294 - Great Lakes Beaded Pouch,
netted-stitch in colors of translucent light blue, black, opalescent, faceted translucent red, and amber cane beads. Lined with hide, with twisted rope cord drawstring closure, beaded loop fringe, length 7.5" x width 4". > Item Details
Kiowa German Silver Armbands,
Lot # 211 - Kiowa German Silver Armbands,
ca 1930, with bands of scalloped stamping around edges, repeated in center forming scalloped ovals, four holes for adjusting, diameter 4.25". > Item Details
Navajo Double Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 554 - Navajo Double Saddle Blanket,
hand-spun wool woven in cream, brown, and aniline red. With serrated bands alternating in color and central black and white checked band, length 55" x width 33" > Item Details
Tupilak Transformation Figures,
Lot # 11 - Tupilak Transformation Figures,
lot of 2, ca 20th century, carved of walrus ivory. Includes a pregnant figure with short flipper arms and a large bulbous head with amphibious facial features. A seal emerges from forehead, black metal eyes on tupilak and seal, length 4.5"; AND a figure with a traditional Greenland topknot giving b... > Item Details
<i>Homsona</i> Katsina,
Lot # 530 - Homsona Katsina,
a runner hand-carved and painted in First Mesa style. Black case mask with red and yellow stripes on forehead, called "He Cuts Your Hair," height 9". Katsina retains an original label describing him. > Item Details
Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowl and Stem,
Lot # 685 - Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowl and Stem,
"T-form" bowl with flattened bottom and beveled sides, length 4.5" x height 2.75". Stem carved of a marbled wood with soft curves separated with grooved rings, length 21.25". > Item Details
Polar Bear Stuffed Toy,
Lot # 20 - Polar Bear Stuffed Toy,
hand-made of animal fur, probably polar bear, with hand-embroidered features, length 10" x height 6". > Item Details
Large Plateau Parfleche Cylinder,
Lot # 427 - Large Plateau Parfleche Cylinder,
made with rawhide and side-stitched close with hide thong. Long fringe hangs at seam, body painted with simple geometric lines in yellow, green, blue, and black. Holes at top where canvas may have been, length 18.75" x diameter 9.25". > Item Details
Pueblo Dancer's Boots,
Lot # 567 - Pueblo Dancer's Boots,
handmade with tops of canvas painted turquoise blue and trimmed in heavy tan-orange suede. Traditional soles are of thick white leather; closure is a combination of leather ties at top and cotton cord that ties under tops, length 10" x height 7.5". > Item Details
Pueblo Polychrome Jar,
Lot # 84 - Pueblo Polychrome Jar,
probably Isleta, black and red-on-white and potted with globular body, restricted neck, slightly flared lip, and indented base. Checker-boarded neck and floral devices outlined by dots on body, bottom signed "E.D. Briees," height 5.75" x diameter 7". > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 136 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
woven in natural brown, gray, and aniline red and orange wool. With two barbell crosses separated by four orange squares, length 61.5" x width 42". > Item Details
Miniature Pima Hat,
Lot # 432 - Miniature Pima Hat,
finely coiled of devil's claw with narrow willow trim on brim and hatband, height 1.75" x diameter 4.75". > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 591 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with delicate designs of tipis beaded in red, cobalt, light blue, and corn yellow against a white ground, white edge-beading, beaded tongue, hide ties, length 11.25". > Item Details
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