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Eskimo Male Doll with Carved Wooden Face,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
and cloth body wears a skin parka with fur trim, wool leggings, and suede moccasins. Parka is hand-stitched, but pants are machine-stitched. Facial features appear to be applied with ink. Doll's undershirt made from an old sock, height 13.75".

Good, but insect damage to pants and parka.
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Chippewa Beaded Bandolier Bag,
Lot # 770 - Chippewa Beaded Bandolier Bag,
sinuous, floral design in colors of amber, blues, rose, greens, greasy yellow, pink, and white. With cane beads and yarn fringe at bottom and at top of strap, bag edged in velveteen, slit opening in center of bag, length 39" x width 13.5". > Item Details
Eastern Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowl with Figural Stem,
Lot # 692 - Eastern Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowl with Figural Stem,
ca 19th century, with a round and faceted "T-form" bowl, length 7.8" x height 4". Hardwood stem carved in relief with a slithering rattlesnake on one face and a turtle flanked by two otters(?) on other, all animals with file-branded highlights, length 13.5". Tag on bottom of bowl "Catlinite Pipe/ ... > Item Details
Birch Bark Lidded Container,
Lot # 268 - Birch Bark Lidded Container,
probably Penobscot, with hand-sewn seams and an overall, negative etched curvilinear design, height 8.5" x diameter 8.5". > Item Details
Yakima Child's Parfleche with Painted Floral Designs,
Lot # 424 - Yakima Child's Parfleche with Painted Floral Designs,
from the Western Plateau area. Signed "1930 Pendleton Ore." Constructed of folded rawhide and painted in red, black, green, and blue. Simple flowers painted on inside border, length 8.5" x width 5.75". These are rarely dated. > Item Details
Acoma Handled Jar by Lucy M. Lewis,
Lot # 470 - Acoma Handled Jar by Lucy M. Lewis,
black-on-white, with flared body, elongated, tapering neck, and single grooved handle. Dizzying design of delicately hatched lines alternating with zigzags and hooked frets, signed "Lucy M Lewis/ Acoma/ 1959," height 6.25" x diameter 6.5". > Item Details
Germantown Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 127 - Germantown Saddle Blanket,
ca 1920, tightly woven in colors of deep red, navy, green, cream, and black. With a design of two outer rows of nested, stacked, serrated diamonds and a center row of terraced diamonds. All bordered by outlined frets, augmented fringe, length 37" x width 25.25". > Item Details
Kiowa Strike-a-Lite Pouch,
Lot # 718 - Kiowa Strike-a-Lite Pouch,
with beaded front in colors of red, cobalt, green, white, and turquoise. Bag further embellished with numerous long tin cones and super long cylinders ending in small brass bells, length with cones 6.5" > Item Details
<i>Rugan Omau-u</i> Katsina,
Lot # 497 - Rugan Omau-u Katsina,
or Rasp katsina, wears a green case mask with diagonal elements on cheeks and a red tube mouth. Katsina retains small blossom on hat, height w/o Plexiglas stand 10.25". Katsina has brown tag marked #3 indicating that it was part of the Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Miller collection; they owned the Los An... > Item Details
Maori Carved Dresser Box,
Lot # 346 - Maori Carved Dresser Box,
intricately chip-carved of hardwood, two ancestor faces with mother-of-pearl eyes on lid, length 4.5" x width 2.5" x height 1.5". > Item Details
Plains Stone Club,
Lot # 219 - Plains Stone Club,
double-pointed quartzite head with wooden shaft and inserted into head using a blue painted leather strap, hide fringe at top, sinew-sewn orange leather covered shaft, length 17.5". > Item Details
Sioux Quilled and Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag with US Flags,
Lot # 695 - Sioux Quilled and Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag with US Flags,
sinew-sewn on hide coated with yellow ocher. Lazy-stitched with a leaf design on one side and an hourglass with American flags suspended from flag poles on other. Beadwork executed in red white heart, pea green, light blue, greasy yellow, and cobalt against a white ground. Two lanes of beadwork e... > Item Details
San Ildefonso Blue Corn Vase and Saucer,
Lot # 86 - San Ildefonso Blue Corn Vase and Saucer,
lot of 2, includes a red-on-burnished red vase with negative feather images wrapped around neck underscored by a spirit broken line, signed "Blue Corn/ San Ildefonso Pueblo," height 4.25" x diameter 4.5"; AND a black-on-burnished red saucer with a fat fish in center and bordered with parallel solid ... > Item Details
Collection of Puebloan Ceramics,
Lot # 82 - Collection of Puebloan Ceramics,
lot of 4, including a black and orange-on-white vase with bulbous body, attenuated neck, and fluted rim. Body painted with hatched and solid hooked wings, "Acoma" on bottom, height 7" x diameter 4.75"; PLUS a black and orange on white twisted handled basket with two sculptural bird heads on rim, "Ac... > Item Details
Cree Beaded Hide Pouch,
Lot # 240 - Cree Beaded Hide Pouch,
adorable thread-sewn pouch beaded on soft hide in colors of red, white, light blue, clear, and translucent green, with floral images on both sides, short fringe along edges, drawstring opening outlined with red satin tape, length 6" x width 4". > Item Details
<i>Kowako</i>, Rooster Katsina,
Lot # 523 - Kowako, Rooster Katsina,
with conical ears, tube beak, and cockscomb. Hands held close to sides, height 7.5". > Item Details
<i>Mona</i>, River or Thunder Katsina,
Lot # 504 - Mona, River or Thunder Katsina,
hand-carved and painted with triangular mouth and band across the forehead. Katsina carries a rattle, height w/o Plexiglas stand 10.5". Katsina retains tag marked "#117" indicating that it was part of the Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Miller collection; they owned the Los Angeles gallery, "49 Steps." > Item Details
Gunstock Club,
Lot # 744 - Gunstock Club,
with wrought steel 7" double edge lance-head style blade, set in angle of stock which is decorated with circle of 8 brass tacks with inset 1" diameter circular mirror, held in place with lead surround, on each face of club, above blade and with short armed crosses composed of 9 brass tacks below the... > Item Details
Single-Horned Katsina,
Lot # 522 - Single-Horned Katsina,
with white case mask, horn on one side of head, ear with corncob on other. Tube mouth, rectangular eyes, yellow, and red stripe down center of face. He wears a triangular painted necklace, body painted half red, half yellow, arms close to body, height 9.5". > Item Details
Pipe Tomahawk with Decorated Handle & Inlaid Blade,
Lot # 754 - Pipe Tomahawk with Decorated Handle & Inlaid Blade,
with oval eye and 4.65" x 2.25" downward flaring blade inlaid with brass shield on left face and with scrolled projection along bottom margin near eye, ovoid bowl with slight rim, total length 8". The original maple handle has two inset lead rings, .85" and 1" wide with diagonal zipper motif, the le... > Item Details
<i>Mongwa</i>, Great Horned Owl Katsina,
Lot # 110 - Mongwa, Great Horned Owl Katsina,
hand-carved with brown case mask. Katsina also has carved owl wings in place of ears and a beak, height 10.5". > Item Details
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