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Eskimo Male Doll with Carved Wooden Face,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
and cloth body wears a skin parka with fur trim, wool leggings, and suede moccasins. Parka is hand-stitched, but pants are machine-stitched. Facial features appear to be applied with ink. Doll's undershirt made from an old sock, height 13.75".

Good, but insect damage to pants and parka.
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Antler Handled Knife,
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Northern Plains Dentalia Shell Beaded Necklace,
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Sioux Catlinite Bowl,
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Sioux Baby's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
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Wrought Iron Pipe Tomahawk,
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<i>Wakas</i>, Cow Katsina,
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Miniature Mission Basket,
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Crow Woman's Trade Cloth Dress,
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Eastern Woodlands Oval Lidded Birch Bark Box,
Lot # 270 - Eastern Woodlands Oval Lidded Birch Bark Box,
possibly Micmac, with a negative etched figure of a dog chasing a man combined with stylized floral and geometric design elements, height 6.5" x length 10". Box is hand-stitched with a combination of plant fibers and black thread on lid. Surface of lid has large, dark heart topped with incised cir... > Item Details
Hopi Sikyatki-Style Bowl with Reptile,
Lot # 479 - Hopi Sikyatki-Style Bowl with Reptile,
ca 1920, black and red-on-creamy orange and potted with gently curving sides and sharp in-turned rim. Reptile curves along bottom of bowl, geometric designs along rim, two holes for hanging, height 2" x diameter 7.75". > Item Details
Nootka Model Canoe,
Lot # 381 - Nootka Model Canoe,
ca 1900, carved of a single piece of cedar with slightly flared rim and pointed prow, length 31.5" x width 7.75". Wonderful sculptural piece. > Item Details
Comanche Child's Beaded and Fringed Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 612 - Comanche Child's Beaded and Fringed Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn hide coated with red ocher, with two lanes along center of vamps beaded in light and dark blue, rose, and white. Soles of buffalo rawhide. With fringe along outer edge of vamp and on back of heel, hide ties, length 6.5" and 7". > Item Details
Navajo Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 147 - Navajo Saddle Blanket,
finely woven in colors of brown and red against a cream ground, with a central serrated "X," bordered on sides with zigzags, length 49.5" x width 33.25". > Item Details
Two Steatite Pipes,
Lot # 301 - Two Steatite Pipes,
lot of 2, includes one black steatite "T-shaped" bowl with slight beveled anterior projection, length 3.25"; AND an "L-shaped" pipe, length 5.5". Akron Art Museum collection tag included. > Item Details
Sepik River Effigy Mallet,
Lot # 344 - Sepik River Effigy Mallet,
carved of wood in traditional style, depicting a crocodile at base of handle, carved scales on side of platform, length 13.5" x width 4.5". > Item Details
Cree Beaded Buffalo Hide Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 702 - Cree Beaded Buffalo Hide Tobacco Bag,
thread-sewn with creeping floral designs on both sides in colors of amber, rose, olive, light blue, pink, cobalt, and greasy yellow against a white ground and with a red cotton border, remnants of blue wool on edge, fringe at bottom, length 20". > Item Details
<i>Feather Dancers</i> by Harrison Begay,
Lot # 312 - Feather Dancers by Harrison Begay,
lot of 2, acrylic, signed in English and Navajo on bottom. One painting depicts a dancing Navajo man, other a dancing Navajo woman, both unframed, length 12.75" x width 9.5". > Item Details
Northeastern California Basket Bowl,
Lot # 403 - Northeastern California Basket Bowl,
twined with full-twist overlay in all-over pattern of twenty-five diamonds with feet, height 5.25" x diameter 9.5". Pattern continues onto under side of basket. > Item Details
Cheyenne Tack-Decorated Cradleboard with Hide Doll,
Lot # 651 - Cheyenne Tack-Decorated Cradleboard with Hide Doll,
ca 1911, with soft beaded cloth cover, and wooden frame. The cover is constructed of a dark green fabric to which bands of orangish-gold dyed muslin have been added; several hundred tiny iridescent snail shells are stitched to the ground. The cover is further decorated with a total of twenty-six... > Item Details
San Ildefonso Blue Corn Bowl,
Lot # 476 - San Ildefonso Blue Corn Bowl,
glossy black-on-matte vessels including a globular jar depicting a toothy Avanyu with large sharp tongue, winding around shoulder under rain clouds, signed "Blue Corn/ San Ildefonso/ Pueblo," height 2.25" x diameter 4.5". > Item Details
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