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Eskimo Male Doll with Carved Wooden Face,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
and cloth body wears a skin parka with fur trim, wool leggings, and suede moccasins. Parka is hand-stitched, but pants are machine-stitched. Facial features appear to be applied with ink. Doll's undershirt made from an old sock, height 13.75".

Good, but insect damage to pants and parka.
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Cherokee Basket,
Lot # 786 - Cherokee Basket,
twill-plaited of river cane in a pleasing diagonal pattern. Basket has an oak handle and a bound rim, length 12" x height (w/o handle) 10.3". > Item Details
Sioux Baby's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 184 - Sioux Baby's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with salt and pepper beadwork on vamps, and a lane of blue with "T-shapes" around moccasin, lined in cream cotton, length 4". > Item Details
Alaskan Basket,
Lot # 3 - Alaskan Basket,
soft, open-twined bag with red and gray-green wool yarn elements decorating body, height 5.5" x diameter approximately 8.5". Basket retains original label. > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Whimsies,
Lot # 285 - Iroquois Beaded Whimsies,
lot of 7, includes a heart-shaped pillow or pin cushion with heavy beadwork on faded purple velveteen in clear, translucent red, blue, yellow, and green, looped fringe on edge, length 5" x width 6"; PLUS two spade-shaped pillows brightly beaded with large opalescent, clear, green, pink, cobalt, ambe... > Item Details
Tohono O'odham Baskets with Animal Motifs,
Lot # 64 - Tohono O'odham Baskets with Animal Motifs,
lot of 2. Includes an upright container with five devil's claw deer and numerous birds around bottom border, height 6.25" x diameter 9"; AND another container with five devil's claw turkeys, height 4.75" x diameter 10". Baskets retain original museum labels. > Item Details
Sterling Box with Zuni Knife Wing God,
Lot # 560 - Sterling Box with Zuni Knife Wing God,
probably ca 1940. Box is beautifully crafted with exquisite inlay detail in a variety of stones set in saw tooth bezels and with fine stamping around lid, stamped "sterling" and with hallmark of a "thunderbird" with "X" in its center, length 4.5" x width 3.5". > Item Details
Group of Southwestern Silver and Turquoise Jewelry,
Lot # 161 - Group of Southwestern Silver and Turquoise Jewelry,
lot of 4. Includes a split-shank Navajo bracelet with center turquoise stone surrounded by traditional stamping and hand-hammering near opening, width 1.4" x opening 1"; PLUS a Zuñi row bracelet with fourteen square sets, width .25" x opening 1.2"; PLUS a Navajo ring set with a brown/ black agate, ... > Item Details
Cherokee Basket,
Lot # 788 - Cherokee Basket,
of generous size and decorated with an overall diamond pattern. Basket is twilled plaited of river cane and with oak handle, length 15.75" x height 9" w/o handle. > Item Details
Kiowa Painted Rawhide Hand Drum with Four-Directional Star,
Lot # 228 - Kiowa Painted Rawhide Hand Drum with Four-Directional Star,
of rawhide with single head and painted with one red star with blue center, diameter 14.25". Rawhide laced over wooden frame. > Item Details
Group of Santa Clara Ceramics,
Lot # 458 - Group of Santa Clara Ceramics,
lot of 3. Includes a black-on-black bowl with the ever present Avanyu slithering over hills and mesa tops, signed "Mary Gallegos/ Santa Clara," height 2.25" x diameter 3.75", PLUS a black-on-black tray with twisted handles and interior painted with rain imagery and spiraling triangles, signed "Luci... > Item Details
Navajo Two Grey Hills Weaving,
Lot # 125 - Navajo Two Grey Hills Weaving,
hand-spun wool finely woven in colors of cream, dark brown, green, and beige against a gray ground. Center pronged diamond is surrounded with outlined hourglasses, crosses, stacked crosses, and outlined "Kiva" shapes, length 57.5" x width 41.5". > Item Details
Wide Ruins Rug by Irene Yazzie PLUS,
Lot # 129 - Wide Ruins Rug by Irene Yazzie PLUS,
lot of 2. Includes a wool rug tightly woven in desert colors of browns, beige, and pale yellow. Photo of Ms. Yazzie holding this piece in her yard and personal letter to buyer, length 38" x width 23.75". PLUS a small Navajo Yei rug woven in colors of mauve, blue, browns, and cream with five figure... > Item Details
Acoma Polychrome Jar,
Lot # 67 - Acoma Polychrome Jar,
of typical olla form with slightly indented base. Busily painted in black and red-on-white, with horizontal bands of foliate geometrics, checkered diamonds, and verdant, flowering, berried vines, height 5.5" x diameter 8". > Item Details
Beaded Buffalo Hide Pouch,
Lot # 236 - Beaded Buffalo Hide Pouch,
ca late 19th century, made from an earlier, quilled shirt medallion with remnants of yellow quillwork on inside. Four sinew-sewn "T-shaped" designs in white and cobalt seed beads, white edge-beading, three paired sets of tin cones and orange dyed horsehair on sides, hide thong tie at opening. Pouch ... > Item Details
Mission Figural Bowl,
Lot # 398 - Mission Figural Bowl,
finely coiled of juncus with six "muscle men," each separated by an olla, height 3.5" x diameter 6". > Item Details
Northern Plains Beaded Buffalo Hide Roundel,
Lot # 640 - Northern Plains Beaded Buffalo Hide Roundel,
possibly Blackfoot, thread and sinew-sewn hide backed with soft red trade cloth lining. Concentric circles with large central flower beaded in pea green, greasy yellow, pink, red white heart, corn yellow, light blue, and cobalt, hide fringe on edge, diameter (excluding fringe) 10". > Item Details
Northern California Double-Weave Basket,
Lot # 402 - Northern California Double-Weave Basket,
twined with a great visual of interlocking "X’s" on the exterior and small diamonds on the interior, height 3.5" x diameter 5.3". > Item Details
Seminole Cotton Patchwork Skirt,
Lot # 792 - Seminole Cotton Patchwork Skirt,
with strips cut to less than .25". Two intricate patched bands are finished with solid strips and bands of baby rickrack; skirt is French's mustard yellow, length 27.5" x waistband length 30". > Item Details
Tupilak Transformation Figures,
Lot # 11 - Tupilak Transformation Figures,
lot of 2, ca 20th century, carved of walrus ivory. Includes a pregnant figure with short flipper arms and a large bulbous head with amphibious facial features. A seal emerges from forehead, black metal eyes on tupilak and seal, length 4.5"; AND a figure with a traditional Greenland topknot giving b... > Item Details
Laguna Jar,
Lot # 473 - Laguna Jar,
ca 1900, black-on-cream, with bulbous form and long, straight neck, and indented base. Simple stacked, split-leaf design wraps around body, with a central band "budding," black rim, height 9.25" x diameter 10". > Item Details
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