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Eskimo Male Doll with Carved Wooden Face,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
and cloth body wears a skin parka with fur trim, wool leggings, and suede moccasins. Parka is hand-stitched, but pants are machine-stitched. Facial features appear to be applied with ink. Doll's undershirt made from an old sock, height 13.75".

Good, but insect damage to pants and parka.
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Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowl,
Lot # 683 - Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowl,
of "T-form," with tapering body terminating in beveled anterior, length 6.25" x height 3". > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Paint Bag,
Lot # 234 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Paint Bag,
with heavy residue of red ochre in bag. Beadwork in colors of white, green, cobalt, and red. Lower edge with fringe, length w/o fringe 5". Bag originally had beaded edge trim. > Item Details
Carved Salmon Rattle,
Lot # 380 - Carved Salmon Rattle,
cedar, depicting a fish with a fierce display of teeth, row of inlaid abalone scales on both sides and sinew wrapped tail, signed "TR," length 13". > Item Details
Plains Baby Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 185 - Plains Baby Hide Moccasins,
lot of 2, includes a thread-sewn Plains pair decorated with a lane of brown and white around sides and a yellow, red, and light blue tipi design on vamps, hide ties, length 5"; AND another thread-sewn hide Iroquois pair beaded with large white, red, blue, and clear seed beads and brown cloth binding... > Item Details
Sioux Man's Fully Beaded Hide Vest,
Lot # 634 - Sioux Man's Fully Beaded Hide Vest,
with sinew-sewn beadwork, fringed bottom, and calico lining. Red white hearts, cobalt, green, greasy yellow, clear gold, and marcasite beads make forked motifs on white beaded background, chest measurement 40". Vest closes with leather ties. > Item Details
<i>Flying Eagle</i> by Frances Kagige,
Lot # 333 - Flying Eagle by Frances Kagige,
oil on canvas, signed lower right. Painted with clean lines depicting an eagle in flight holding a rabbit in his clutches, length (w/ frame) 21" x width 17". Frances Kagige (b. 1929), Ojibwa, is of the first generation of Manitoulin artists. This movement established the Woodland or Ledged painti... > Item Details
Antler Handled Knife,
Lot # 223 - Antler Handled Knife,
wrought steel with single-edged blade, two-piece antler grip with three steel rivets through tang, blade length 7", total length 11.2". > Item Details
Eastern Woodlands Quilled Lidded Boxes,
Lot # 277 - Eastern Woodlands Quilled Lidded Boxes,
lot of 2. Includes a Micmac box in shades of cream and brown with star motif on lid and zigzag pattern around body, height 4" x diameter 5.25"; AND a multicolored quilled box with a peacock on the cover and a multicolored diagonal and vertical pattern on body, height 3.25" x diameter 6.75". > Item Details
Signed Zuni and Navajo Bracelets and Turquoise Bear Claw Necklace,
Lot # 563 - Signed Zuni and Navajo Bracelets and Turquoise Bear Claw Necklace,
lot of 3. Includes a beautifully crafted Zuni split shank bracelet decorated with a Rainbow god, tortoise shell stockings and tips on feathers, marked on back "E.A. Zuni," width 1.6" x opening 1.6"; PLUS a bold, well-made Navajo bracelet with a large turquoise, signed "3H" in a stylized hogan with s... > Item Details
Wrought Steel Buffalo Lance,
Lot # 668 - Wrought Steel Buffalo Lance,
beautiful double-edged, hand-forged steel blade with rivet hole through tang, total length 18.2". > Item Details
Panamint Bowl,
Lot # 397 - Panamint Bowl,
coiled on a three-rod base with dark "ticks" on the rim and an intricate geometric design on walls, height 2.5" x diameter 9.5". > Item Details
Mexican and Navajo Sterling Belt Buckles,
Lot # 156 - Mexican and Navajo Sterling Belt Buckles,
lot of 2. Includes a heavy, free-form Mexican buckle with oval hematite, stamped "925" length 5.1" x width 1.75"; AND a hand-crafted Navajo buckle with large, oval moss agate surrounded by twisted rope, stamped "rling" and "M B" in script, length 2.1" x width 1.5". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 600 - Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with tipi and outlined squares depicted using cobalt, corn yellow, light blue, and white beadwork on a red and red white heart ground, hide ties, high cuffs, length 10.25". > Item Details
Santa Clara Dish by Lela and Van Gutierrez,
Lot # 459 - Santa Clara Dish by Lela and Van Gutierrez,
black, red, blue, orange, and white-on-tan, depicting an intricately designed, grinning Avanyu bent around concentric circles encompassing a kiva, bottom signed "Lela/ Van Sta. Clara," diameter 7". > Item Details
Group of Hopi Ceramics,
Lot # 482 - Group of Hopi Ceramics,
lot of 4. Includes a black and red-on-orange miniature jar with Sikyatki-style hatched wings revolving around vessel, signed "Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo/ 1974," height 2" x diameter 3"; PLUS a black and red-on-white miniature jar decorated with hooked wings and geometrics, signed by Marianne Navasi... > Item Details
Santo Domingo Jar with Stereoview,
Lot # 451 - Santo Domingo Jar with Stereoview,
ca late 19th century, black and red on white. With globular body, flared lip, and indented base. Bold negative designs of triangles with "empty" circles on body, split triangles wrap around neck separated by spirit broken line, black rim, height 8.75" x diameter 10.25". Included is a turn of the ce... > Item Details
Antler Handled Spear Point Blade,
Lot # 667 - Antler Handled Spear Point Blade,
hand-wrought, double-edged lance head, possibly made from a broken sword, with an obvious ricasso. Mounted in antler, blade length 7.25", total length 11.5". > Item Details
Fine 1899 Alaskan Cribbage Board,
Lot # 15 - Fine 1899 Alaskan Cribbage Board,
made of walrus tusk and exquisitely incised with numerous hunting scenes - a man hunting bear and a lounging walrus surrounded by circles illustrated on top of board. Bottom depicts kayaks laden with sealskin bags and men throwing harpoons at walruses and seals, "Alaske 1899" written on side, woode... > Item Details
Northwest Coast Talking Stick Signed by Cicero August,
Lot # 373 - Northwest Coast Talking Stick Signed by Cicero August,
mid-20th century, cedar. Carved with four figures: a toothy seal tops the cane followed by four reversed belled notches, under which a killer whale with an eagle perched on top, gleams a smile onto a bear, signed behind whale, length 43". Cicero August was born in 1940 in Cowichan Bay, British Col... > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Doll,
Lot # 230 - Cheyenne Beaded Doll,
with cloth body, beaded facial features, and dyed string hair. She wears traditional sinew-sewn beaded garment and legging-moccasins, height 13.25". Doll represents a young woman who has reached puberty because she has red beads in the center-part of her hair. > Item Details
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