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Three Related Pennsylvania Broadsides and Pamphlets Dealing with Gov. William Findlay,
1/20/2014 - Discovery Auction
all printed on laid paper. This group includes an 8" x 18" broadside published by the Daily Advocate, July 24, 1838, as an extra with heading reading In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Joseph Ritner, Governor of the said Commonwealth A Proclamation. This is a statement of the governor opposing the federal governments introduction of a national currency to replace all others then in common use, such as British or Spanish coinage and of the more common bank-issued paper currency. The governor directs all banks within the state to honor all the paper currency formerly used within the state and to ignore the federal government's attempts at making such currency illegal. The second item is also a printed broadside, entitled A List of the Internal Duties, Paid by each person in the 17th collection district of Pennsylvania, in the year 1816. with three columns of text listing the names and amounts paid in alphabetical order, beginning with David Allen and ending with John Waddle, and signed at bottom with printed signature James Patterson, Col. Of the Rev. 17th Dist. Of Penn., 10" x 13". The final piece in the lot is an 8vo pamphlet in self wraps entitled A Plain Account of the Conspiracy By Which the People Were Cheated Out Of Six Hundred and Ninety Dollars, To Put into the Pocket of William Findlay., 4pp. In essence the pamphlet accuses Mr. Findlay of passing counterfeit notes to the state treasury in exchange for good currency.

1st folds and moderate margin wear with one very minor hole, about 0.2" diameter in body; 2nd minor margin wear, folds and one tiny hole, about 0.2" diameter along bottom; 3rd folds, some fading on first page with minor margin wear, all VG-.
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