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Chinese Dragon Dishes
7/27/2012 - Asian Art: Live Salesroom Auction
Chinese, late 19th century. A pair of porcelain saucer dishes, the interiors having two five-clawed dragons chasing a fiery pearl, surrounded by wispy clouds, the exterior having floral sprays, each with a red four-character stamped Jiaqing mark; dia. 5.75 in.

Property of the Zeiser Museum, St. Louis, MO

Pockmarks throughout, with one having a chip to the rim.
Sold: $1,920.00
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Chinese Embroidered Panels
Lot # 200 - Chinese Embroidered Panels
Chinese, 20th century.  Three embroidered panels including one in blue, red, and yellow; yellow is 39 x 35 in, blue is 39 x 35 in, and red is 33 x 34.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Embroidered Robe
Lot # 198 - Chinese Embroidered Robe
Chinese, 19th century.  A finely embroidered sleeveless robe in deep green brocade, embroidered with butterflies and flowers; lg. 27 in. > Item Details
Khmer Bronze Ceremonial Bell
Lot # 414 - Khmer Bronze Ceremonial Bell
Thailand, 10th/11th century-style.  An evenly oxidized Khmer bronze ceremonial bell with fine green patina, water buffalo adorning top; 11 in. diameter. > Item Details
Japanese <i>Cloisonne</i> Cabinet Vases
Lot # 382 - Japanese Cloisonne Cabinet Vases
Japanese, ca 1950.  A pair of cloisonne cabinet vases, each having floral motifs on a lemon yellow ground, unmarked; ht. 4.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Cultural Revolution Ivory Figure
Lot # 243 - Chinese Cultural Revolution Ivory Figure
Chinese.  A carved and inked Cultural Revolution ivory figural grouping depicting a standing man holding a small girl on his back, unmarked; ht. 5 in. International shipping is not available for this item. This item will only be shipped within the United States, except to California. > Item Details
Chinese Nephrite Jade Carving
Lot # 1010 - Chinese Nephrite Jade Carving
Chinese. A nephrite jade carving of a Guanyin figure seated on a horse, on a 20th century wooden stand; combined ht. 10.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese <i>Blanc-de-Chine</i> Tablewares
Lot # 1084 - Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Tablewares
Chinese.  Three blanc-de-chine tablewares including a baluster-form vase, a footed bowl, and a bowl with deeply sloping sides, all unmarked and on a 20th century three-part wooden stand; vase ht. 8 in. > Item Details
Chinese 18th Century Soapstone <i>Guanyin</i>
Lot # 305 - Chinese 18th Century Soapstone Guanyin
Chinese, 18th century.  A carved and inked soapstone Guanyin votive figure with painted details, housed in a wooden box, unmarked; figure ht. 4.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese Double Gourd Vase
Lot # 245 - Chinese Double Gourd Vase
Chinese, 18th/19th century.  A double gourd porcelain vase in monochrome blue glaze, having a six-character blue underglaze hallmark in double rings on bottom; ht. 9.75 in.  > Item Details
Chinese Cricket Cages
Lot # 294 - Chinese Cricket Cages
Chinese, 18th/19th century.  Two cricket cages made out of gourds with ivory tops, one top having ornately carved figures in a landscape, the other top with carved flowering Prunus branches and the body having a continuous scene of figures in a landscape carved in low relief, both unmarked; largest ... > Item Details
Chinese 19th Century White Glaze Vase
Lot # 161 - Chinese 19th Century White Glaze Vase
Chinese, 19th century.  A carved, molded monochrome white glaze baluster-form vase, having a ruyi border at the mouth, floral and leaf motifs along the neck, with mythological beast-heads and bats along the shoulder, the body having two reserves, one with... > Item Details
Japanese Carved Ivory Figure
Lot # 354 - Japanese Carved Ivory Figure
Japanese.  A carved and inked ivory figure of an elder, with four-character mark on base; ht. 7.5 in. International shipping is not available for this item. This item will only be shipped within the United States, except to California. > Item Details
Chinese Transitional Period Jar
Lot # 250 - Chinese Transitional Period Jar
Chinese, ca 1650.  A transitional period lidded sai-ware ginger jar having foo dog and peony motifs in red, green, yellow and blue on a white ground, on a wooden stand, unmarked; ht. 13.75 (without stand). > Item Details
Bronze Buddha Head
Lot # 424 - Bronze Buddha Head
Asian, 20th century.  A hollow cast bronze Buddha head, unmarked; lg. 17.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Porcelain Tiles
Lot # 1252 - Chinese Porcelain Tiles
Chinese.  A pair of polychrome, porcelain tiles, each having a painted scene depicting figures in a landscape, unmarked; 12.25 x 8.75 in.  > Item Details
Chinese Rosewood and Ivory Stands
Lot # 278 - Chinese Rosewood and Ivory Stands
Chinese, 18th century.  A pair of jade stands in carved rosewood with foo dogs masks and archaic scrolling, the galleries of carved and stained ivory and bases inlaid with ivory; ht. 6.25, lg. 12, wd. 7.25 in. International shipping is not available for this item. This it... > Item Details
Chinese Blue and White Vessel
Lot # 1241 - Chinese Blue and White Vessel
Chinese, 18th century or earlier.  A blue and white vessel with globular body and short rim, with interior white glaze, having a loose brushwork floral design, unmarked; ht. 7.25 in (18.4 cm) > Item Details
Chinese Hardstone Lidded Vessel
Lot # 1180 - Chinese Hardstone Lidded Vessel
Chinese. A carved hardstone lidded vessel, the flattened sides have stylized masks carved in relief, each side with a dragon handle, and the lid with a flaming pearl finial and a keyfret border, unmarked; ht. 8.25 in. > Item Details
Japanese Carved Ivory Tusk
Lot # 373 - Japanese Carved Ivory Tusk
Japanese, early 20th century. A carved and inked ivory tusk with polychrome details and silver mounts, one side depicting a couple in a landscape, the other side having a warrior scene with figures on horseback in a landscape, the scenes in relief; both sides are signed, having a metal tip and band ... > Item Details
Chinese <i>Sancai</i>  Foo Dogs
Lot # 1227 - Chinese Sancai Foo Dogs
Chinese. A pair of sancai foo dogs in mustard yellow, green and purple, each foo dog resting on a decorative plinth, unmarked; ht. 17 in. > Item Details
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