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Chinese Scraffito Cabinet Vases
7/27/2012 - Asian Art: Live Salesroom Auction
Chinese. A pair of porcelain cabinet vases, each with floral medallions and famille rose enamel, on an all-over yellow scraffito ground, both with red overglazed four-character Qianlong mark on bottom; ht. 7.75 in.

Property of the Zeiser Museum, St. Louis, MO
Ex. Nagatani, Chicago, IL, Purchased 9/84

Wear to gilding on mouth.
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Chinese White Cinnabar Vase
Lot # 122 - Chinese White Cinnabar Vase
Chinese, 20th century. A baluster-form white cinnabar vase depicting a continuous scene of figures in a landscape along a central band, the shoulder and two lower registers having stylized floral motifs, unmarked; ht. 12.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Tablewares
Lot # 184 - Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Tablewares
Chinese, 19th/early 20th century. A thirty-piece group of blue and white porcelain tablewares including one wash pan, one covered bowl with Chinese export seal on bottom, one platter, one serving bowl, one pierced serving bowl with undertray, one lidded serving dish with undertray, three creamers, o... > Item Details
Chinese Soapstone Seal
Lot # 302 - Chinese Soapstone Seal
Chinese, 20th century.  A highly translucent yellowish green soapstone dragon seal with marking beneath; 2.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese <i>Cloisonne</i> Vase
Lot # 318 - Chinese Cloisonne Vase
Chinese, 20th century. A cylindrical cloisonne vase with a ruyi border at the mouth and lappet border at the foot, the body with chrysanthemum and bird motifs, all on a black ground, unmarked; ht. 18.25, dia. 9.25 in. > Item Details
Chinese Blue and White Ginger Jar, Plus
Lot # 1083 - Chinese Blue and White Ginger Jar, Plus
Chinese.  A large, lidded porcelain blue and white ginger jar with Chinese happiness motif under a key fret border on a densely packed foliage ground, having a four-character Chinese mark on bottom PLUS a small lidded blue and white dish with figural motifs, having a six-character blue underglaze Yo... > Item Details
Korean Chest
Lot # 428 - Korean Chest
Korean. A storage chest with a rectangular top above a conforming case fitted with opposing hinged brass-bound lids opening to storage compartment flanked by a short drawer above a configuration of drawers, having a shaped apron, all rising on frontal bracket feet, the whole with... > Item Details
Chinese Blue and White Vase
Lot # 1074 - Chinese Blue and White Vase
Chinese.  A baluster-form blue and white vase with auspicious symbols motifs all over, having two stylized handles, unmarked; ht. 16.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Ming-Style <i>Sancai-Ware</i> Official
Lot # 60 - Chinese Ming-Style Sancai-Ware Official
Chinese, 19th century.  A Ming-style sancai-ware official wearing flowing robes in green, yellow, and brown, seated on a bench, unmarked; ht. 23 in. > Item Details
Chinese Export Twelve-Panel Gold Leaf Screen
Lot # 36 - Chinese Export Twelve-Panel Gold Leaf Screen
Chinese Export. A twelve-panel wooden screen with gold leaf inlay and painted design depicting cranes and floral decoration in a landscape, the reverse with painted floral designs; each panel ht. 107.5, wd. 20 in., total wd. 20 ft. > Item Details
Chinese Ivory Seals
Lot # 240 - Chinese Ivory Seals
Chinese, late 19th/early 20th century. Six painted ivory seals, three with mountainous landscape scenes, one with birds, one with cranes, and one with a tiger, all signed, titled, and housed in a box, five with accompanying ink; longest seal lg. 3.25 in. International shipping is not available for t... > Item Details
Chinese Inlaid Jade Boxes
Lot # 1008 - Chinese Inlaid Jade Boxes
Chinese. Two lidded boxes with inlaid jade carvings, including a cloisonne box with floral design, and wooden box, marked China on bottom; largest box ht. 1.25, wd. 4, dp. 3 in. > Item Details
Chinese Hardstone Belt Hooks
Lot # 116 - Chinese Hardstone Belt Hooks
Chinese, 20th century.  Three hardstone belt hooks including one celadon with russet highlights belt hook carved into the shape of a mythical beast, one grey with brown and black highlights belt hook  carved into the shape of a dragon, and one g... > Item Details
Chinese Carved Ivory
Lot # 1175 - Chinese Carved Ivory
Chinese, early 20th century.  An assembled group of carved ivory pieces including three male portrait heads, all with incised two-character mark on bottom, and two carved horses on wooden stands, unmarked; tallest ht. 3.25 in. (with stand). International shipping is not available for this item. This... > Item Details
Chinese <i>Cloisonne</i> Vases
Lot # 1197 - Chinese Cloisonne Vases
Chinese.  Two cloisonne vases with globular bodies and long, slender necks, each having floral motifs on a green and blue ground, both unmarked; tallest ht. 5.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese 18th Century Wall Hanging
Lot # 197 - Chinese 18th Century Wall Hanging
Chinese, 18th century.  An embroidered gold brocade wall panel with design of phoenix and clouds, having a blue brocade cloud-strewn backing; ht. 76 in. > Item Details
Chine <i>Blanc-de-Chine Guanyin</i> Figures
Lot # 1071 - Chine Blanc-de-Chine Guanyin Figures
Chinese.  Two blanc-de-chine Guanyin figures each seated next to a libation cup on a cliff over swirling waters, the larger one with four stamped Chinese characters on bottom; largest ht. 12.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese Decorative Screen
Lot # 1061 - Chinese Decorative Screen
Chinese, 20th century.  A six-panel lacquer screen painted to resemble soapstone with mother-of-pearl inlay, having a continuous scene of birds and floral motifs; each panel ht. 72, wd. 16, overall wd. approx. 100 in. > Item Details
Chinese Hardstone Puzzle Ball
Lot # 1090 - Chinese Hardstone Puzzle Ball
Chinese.  A hardstone puzzle ball on ornately carved wooden stand with dragon motifs and shou symbols in reserves, unmarked; ball dia. 3.75 in.  > Item Details
Chinese and Japanese Censors
Lot # 1097 - Chinese and Japanese Censors
Asian.  Two metal sensors including one Chinese sensor with two handles, a foo dog finial, rising on three feet with a painted surface, and having a wooden stand, unmarked, the other a Japanese censor, ca early 20th century, rising on three feet and having a foo dog finial, marked wit... > Item Details
Chinese Ming Period Cast Bronze Censor
Lot # 4 - Chinese Ming Period Cast Bronze Censor
Chinese, Ming period.  A two-handled cast bronze censor of fang-ding-form raised on four lion mask legs, the lid having pierced wispy cloud decoration and a flaming pearl finial, with a two-character Chinese mark on bottom that translates to Wan Li; ht. 6.5, wd. 8, dp. 4.5 in.  > Item Details
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