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Chinese Porcelain Vase
10/17/2012 - Continental and Asian Decorative Art: Online Auction
China. A porcelain bottle neck vase with painted figures in interior scenes, unmarked; ht. 15 in.
Sold: $72.00
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English and American Pewter
Lot # 232 - English and American Pewter
English and American, 19th/20th century. An assembled group of seventeen assorted pewter pieces, including a coffee pot, one large footed bowl, six footed bowls, one master salt, three goblets, and four candlesticks, all unmarked, and one small footed bowl, marked Paul Revere Reproductions / Co... > Item Details
Enameled Ewer
Lot # 45 - Enameled Ewer
Asian. A mixed metal and enamel ewer having a foo dog finial, a dragon headed spout and handle, the body with floral and bird motifs on a green ground, unmarked; ht. 6.5 in. > Item Details
Continental Painted Hanging Cupboard
Lot # 276 - Continental Painted Hanging Cupboard
Continental (Eastern European). A stained and painted hanging cupboard with a molded cornice over two doors opening to an interior with two compartments and a single drawer, on a molded base, the cabinet in brown with painted religious figures on door fronts within floral borders; ht. 16.5, wd. 14.7... > Item Details
Opalescent Glass Lumineres
Lot # 250 - Opalescent Glass Lumineres
a pair of opalescent glass lumineres with pastel green edges and drop prisms; ht. 12 in. > Item Details
Reproduction René Lalique Art Deco Glass Sculpture in Base
Lot # 246 - Reproduction René Lalique Art Deco Glass Sculpture in Base
After René Lalique (French, 1860-1945).  Frosted glass with raised art deco style design of a female figure smelling a rose, set in a wood base, stamped on back of sculpture RENÉ LALIQUE; Ht. sculpture 8.25 in, Ht. with base 12.25 in. > Item Details
Carved Gourd Cricket Box
Lot # 112 - Carved Gourd Cricket Box
20th century. A hollowed gourd with a pierced and carved top depicting two buildings and an exterior scene; ht. 3.5 in. > Item Details
English Pewter Plates and Accessories
Lot # 228 - English Pewter Plates and Accessories
English, 19th century. An assembled group of twelve pewter pieces, including eight plates, three candlesticks, and a two-handled lidded bowl, various marks; tallest ht. 10 in. > Item Details
English Pewter Tankards
Lot # 223 - English Pewter Tankards
English, 19th century. An assembled group of three pewter tankards of cylindrical form, one with engraved floral decorations, various marks; tallest ht. 10 in. > Item Details
White Jade Sitatapatra Deity Figure
Lot # 96 - White Jade Sitatapatra Deity Figure
Chinese, a carved white jade Sitatapatra figure seated on a lotus flower, depicted with many arms and eleven heads, unmarked; ht. 6.25 in. > Item Details
Mason's Ironstone Mandalay Chartreuse Service China
Lot # 204 - Mason's Ironstone Mandalay Chartreuse Service China
British.  A five-piece Mason's Ironstone Chartreuse service china including a large and small covered tureen with undertray and ladle, two large serving bowls, and an additional small tureen, all marked Mason's / Patent Ironstone / Chartreuse / England on bottom; tureen ht. 9 in. > Item Details
Jade Lidded Vessel
Lot # 132 - Jade Lidded Vessel
20th century. A jade lidded vessel, one side with a ship carving, on a wooden stand; ht. 5 in. > Item Details
Lalique Partial Vanity Set
Lot # 245 - Lalique Partial Vanity Set
French, ca. 1920s. A Lalique partial vanity set in frosted glass with sepia patina, including two decanters and a powder box, marked R.LALIQUE on bottom; tallest ht. 8.25 in. > Item Details
Chinese Seed Carvings
Lot # 122 - Chinese Seed Carvings
Chinese, 20th century.  Ten seed carvings, including a peach pitch carving, early 20th century, depicting eleven people riding on a sampan the remaining seed carvings, 20th century, including five carved into faces with inlaid beaded eyes, and four carved and inked into faces, all unmarked; longest ... > Item Details
Staffordshire Creamer and Sugar
Lot # 161 - Staffordshire Creamer and Sugar
England, mid-19th century. A dark blue Staffordshire creamer and covered sugar, both with transfer floral and fruit basket print on pearlware bodies, unmarked; sugar ht. 5.5 in. > Item Details
Japanese Enamel Cabinet Vase
Lot # 46 - Japanese Enamel Cabinet Vase
Japanese. An enamel over silver cabinet vase with a globular body and long, slender neck with the Shou emblem, on a wooden stand, vase bottom marked with Japanese character mark for pure silver; ht. 3.5 in. > Item Details
English Pewter Pitchers and Chargers
Lot # 212 - English Pewter Pitchers and Chargers
English, 19th century. An assembled group of pewter including two pitchers, unmarked, and two chargers, one with a scalloped rim, both marked for London; tallest pitcher ht. 9.25, largest charger dia. 12.75 in. > Item Details
Isaac Lewis Pewter Coffee Pot
Lot # 229 - Isaac Lewis Pewter Coffee Pot
American, 19th century. A lighthouse form pewter coffee pot, marked I.C. Lewis on underside; ht. 11 in. > Item Details
Staffordshire Figurines
Lot # 143 - Staffordshire Figurines
British, 19th / 20th century, an assembled group of Staffordshire figurines, including a pair of rabbits, three cats, and two goats, all unmarked; larges ht. 3.25 in.  > Item Details
Chinese Hardstone Carvings
Lot # 33 - Chinese Hardstone Carvings
Chinese. An assembled group of seven hardstone carvings, one on a wooden stand; tallest ht. 5.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese Erotic Porcelain Sculpture
Lot # 60 - Chinese Erotic Porcelain Sculpture
Chinese. An erotic porcelain sculpture in polychrome, with Chinese character mark on bottom; ht. 7.25, lg. 7.5 in. > Item Details
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